This Virtual Reality

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Came across you online one day,
just another friend i made today,
words were exchanged and thoughts matched,
i found you were different so similar to me.

We talked some more and then realised,
we live so close and still never crossed paths,
further conversation surprised me even more,
we studied in the same school some years apart.

Reminiscing about school and the fun we had,
teachers and crushes and pranks we played,
good old days came to mind as we conversed,
was it so long ago it seems like just yesterday.

As we took a trip down memory lane,
we agreed life was so much more fun then,
no hurdles,no responsibilities just play and make merry,
parents to scold and love and pamper us always.

It feels nice knowing someone sharing the same playground,
someone passing through the same corridor and classrooms,
spanked by the same teachers sitting on the same bench too,
fearing the principal while leaning outside as punishment.

Thanks to this virtual world i found you my schoolmate,
we took a trip down memory lane and i cherish those days,
the innocence, the smiles, the warmth and the naughtiness,
those days won’t come back but fond memories will remain.


I will survive…

Some people come into your life and make you feel wanted,important.They treat you well,understand you and smile with you.Their presence completes you in such a way that you dont feel the need for anything else.They show you the real you,the one who is hiding somewhere deep within your own self.You start living better,start doing things you never knew you were capable of.Life takes on a new meaning and you feel at peace.

When you begin this new role it is time for them to go away.They have played their part in your life and now it is time for them to show another like you the way.You experience remorse,you feel sad,loneliness envelopes you and clings to you wherever you go.

Dont despair because Life goes on.However much you grieve,however hard you cry,however long you take to recover,in the end you realise you will survive.We all have our roles to play and in the course of this play called Life,people will come and go.They will leave memories and many of those will live with you.But you will not stop living,you will continue walking the road with pain in the beginning but with a smile when you remember all those who came along and left an imprint in your Heart.

To all those people out there if you are seeing this,i am glad i came across you and i will cherish those moments always.Thank you for helping me discover myself. 🙂

It was my first day,
my journey had just begun,
slowly i stumbled forward,
hesitantly i walked towards.

I realised i was not alone,
i saw a shadow move along,
i was fearful and scared,
afraid of what was ahead.

I neednt have worried myself,
i shouldnt have feared so much,
my friend i saw by my side,
it took awhile to realise.

Confidence entered my veins,
steps were faster and we gained,
moments passed by quickly,
years went by so smoothly.

You taught me how to survive,
you showed me how to smile,
tears had no place inside,
as we walked side by side.

My heart grew stronger,
my spirit was lighter,
you became my mentor,
i called you my teacher.

One day you left abruptly,
not a word you said to me,
for days i was sad and lonely,
why did you do this to me???

You had to leave like you came,
without notice without a trace,
life moved on without you my friend,
i walked alone because it wasnt the end…

People come and go but Memory Remains!!Actually,the people who have touched your life can never leave.You may not see them,speak to them or have any other kind of communication but in your heart they will always hold a special place.It is so easy to ask someone to go away from your life.At that moment you just blabber what comes to mind because you are angry,frustrated,irritated,insecure and perhaps feel you deserve someone better.As that moment passes things fall into place.There is remorse,regret,anger and you dont know what to do.

What goes comes back the same way.What you do is what you get in return.Sooner or later you may find yourself at the receiving end and that is when you will realise what it feels like to hurt.It is not always possible to think before you speak.But it is possible to prepare oneself for the consequences of our actions.

What you give you get back
So take my love just because it’s all I have
What you give you get back
So take my love just because it’s all I have
Take my heart take my soul
I just never want it back
Cause your love, your love is all I have
All I have
Love is all we have

Scorpions : What You Give You Get Back


When i think about rain it brings back memories of my childhood.For us it was time to put on our rainy shoes,wear those colourful raincoats and keep splattering water all over by jumping in puddles.As we grew older the raincoats were replaced by colourful umbrellas which actually didnot give much protection!!But they were so colourful..I remember one specific umbrella gifted to me by my had red,green,yellow,blue colours and a wooden handle.I guess it is still there in my parents house.

In school days we used to pray for a heavy downpour so that we would get a holiday but unfortunately for us our school premises never got flooded!!But still it was fun attending school in the wet weather (it meant no P.T. class – good for me).Raincoats were smelly when kept folded in our desks,as we were never allowed to keep it elsewhere.Only some teachers had the privilege of opening their wet umbrellas and leaving it to dry in the classroom.

But the most exciting part was mummy making some yummy bhajias-potato,onion,cauliflower,capsicum, accompanied by a hot galss of tea…Wow mouthwatering….i do miss those days so much.

It was also the time for love,romance,or for singles dreaming about some handsome guy proposing on bended knees with a single red rose!! heheheh all teenage fantasies i guess and i wonder if ever girls these days have such thoughts.

I can feel the rain drops against my face as i stand in my balcony with arms outstretched.The smell of the earth so pure and amazing.The platter on the rooftops,the dark clouds in the sky,the occassional thunder accompanied by lightening,the rare powercuts,the muddy roads,mon’s worries as the clothes wouldnt dry.Its all freshh in my mind and now as i see the rain fall,i go back in time to relive those moments of happiness,joy,frustration(most of my shoes couldnt save my dresses from getting splattered with mud!)..The squishing of the rainy shoes,ducking to avoid being poked by someone’s umbrella,abusing all those drivers who on purpose drove through ditches and derived animal pleasure in seeing the pedestrians getting drenched…..i can see their evil grin and it makes me fume even now!!

Rain, feel it on my finger tips
Hear it on my window pane
Your love’s coming down like
Rain, wash away my sorrow
Take away my pain
Your love’s coming down like rain

When your lips are burning mine
And you take the time to tell me how you feel
When you listen to my words
And I know you’ve heard, I know it’s real
Rain is what this thunder brings
For the first time I can hear my heart sing
Call me a fool but I know I’m not
I’m gonna stand out here on the mountain top
Till I feel your

When you looked into my eyes
And you said goodbye could you see my tears
When I turned the other way
Did you hear me say
I’d wait for all the dark clouds bursting in a perfect sky
You promised me when you said goodbye
That you’d return when the storm was done
And now I’ll wait for the light, I’ll wait for the sun
Till I feel your

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say, never go away

Waiting is the hardest thing
(It’s strange I feel like I’ve known you before)
I tell myself that if I believe in you
(And I want to understand you)
In the dream of you
(More and more)
With all my heart and all my soul
(When I’m with you)
That by sheer force of will
(I feel like a magical child)
I will raise you from the ground
(Everything strange)
And without a sound you’ll appear
(Everything wild)
And surrender to me, to love

Rain, I feel it, it’s coming
Your love’s coming down like

Madonna : : Rain