Through thick and thin

Some relationships are taken for granted.Only when the person concerned is distant you realise what he/she means to you.People who are around you always and actually care are sometimes ignored and people who seem least concerned are always on your mind.It is strange but true.It took me years to acknowledge and accept how much i need him(My dear Husband) in my life.I guess our shift to a new place helped in strengthening our bond.

So long since i have known you,
can still remember those initial days,
started of as friends turned into lovers,
a journey which is meant to continue for long.

Time has passed and so much has changed,
a life of roses and thorns has begun,
carefully picking up pieces of our past,
we have gone through a lot since then.

Earlier everything we both took for granted,
all that was handed to us without asking,
parents supported and stood by us always,
a comfortable existence wihout too much strife.

One day we found ourselves all alone,
away from the care and attention of our family,
caught in a place which scared us a little,
strength we had to find from within.

Slowly we built our nest in this new country,
struggling against all odds to adjust and live,
falling and rising and falling again,
holding hands for suport while we settled in.

As life became simpler we understood better,
less of arguments and more of mature discussion,
silence once uncomfortable became acceptable,
sitting together quietly we exchanged our views.

You have been my saviour and my honest supporter,
inspite of few words your actions say it all,
a day without you seems so depressing and tough,
in you i found everything and i love you so much…



My Parents are my God

You brought me into this world,
wept tears of joy when you saw me,
my tiny hand curled around your finger,
my body wrapped in your arms.

You held my hand when i took my first steps,
reached out for me when i stumbled,
i learned to walk under your watchful eyes,
my unintelligible words made you laugh.

You lay awake when i was ill,
tended to me without sleep,
you smiled through all the pain,
till i was well again.

I went to school with you by my side,
i cried the first day as you said bye.
time flew and i grew fast,
friend were made and childhood passed.

You helped with homework and exams,
scolded me when i got it all wrong,
college started and i grew some more,
i was home less and outside more.

I graduated and made you proud,
you knew i was a woman now.
time had come to let me go,
i was your little girl no more.

I got married and you shed tears,
i cried too and found new fears,
you consoled me and blessed us,
a new life began and you prayed for us.

I still need you and ask your help,
i still feel like a child in my head.
I will grow old and so will you,
but my love for you will always be tue.

Mom and Dad i Love You…

3 Ws :: What Women Want(A woman knows…)

Men will be Men..So anything which takes patience, money, care etc will be regarded as a pain all over.Women are a Mystery for them.I being a woman can say for sure that this isnt true.God created both Men and Women.There is got to be some similarities along with the differences which are highlighted so often!!

First of all let us try and clear our minds of all that we have heard,read,assumed about Women.There are jokes some of them quite cruel and pathetic,jibes about their dumbness(refers mostly to blondes),their dominating attitude and so on.

Can men survive without Women??Yes and No.We Humans be it Men or Women need someone to talk to,fight with,vent out our emotions to.It is always easier to share with a member of the opposite sex.You find it easier to open up.So Men do need Women for that.

All you Men out there,if you are reading this maybe it will help you understand your Woman(its ok if you dont understand your neighbour’s wife ;))

1. Attention Please : Women are extremely emotional especially when its going to be that dreaded time of the month.So it wont hurt to be a little more attentive,caring during those days.

2. I Love You : She likes hearing those 3 words over and over again.I know men may feel it doesnt really matter.Why not say it once in a while even if you feel words dont count.A smile on her face will tell you how much she treasures it.

3. Gift : Yes yes i can sense men raising their eyebrows and saying “There she goes”.I guess you are right unfortunately.She likes receiving gifts especially if they arent something she has begged,pleaded,asked for ;).It neednt be something very expensive like Platinum or Perfume ,even flowers will do.Gifts can be given not only on special days but even otherwise :).So head for the nearest florist or gift shop asap.

4.Time is Precious : Work pressure maybe more,there are deadlines that need to be met and there is the Boss you need to please to get that big Bonus.But just take a moment to think what  is all this for??You earn to live better,spend better and have all that you dream of.If that takes away those precious moments spent in your loved one’s company then do you really need it??Time can be divided and you can always make time for those who matter.Else what you lose can never come back.

5. Who’s the Boss : Women like to have the upper hand in Household Matters. They like doing things their way and it is justified.She looks after the house,keeps it neat and clean,looks after the kids and pets(if any) so she deserves to be the Boss at home.Accept it Men or you had it 😉

6. Mother vs. Wife : Men always compare their wives with their moms.Be it cooking,caring for or anything.Can any 2 individuals be the same?Not possible right.So stop comparing and see each as different and live happily ever after…

This World is made up of both sexes and nothing you do can change that.So why not let your Male Ego take a backseat and try to see things from a Woman’s Perspective.No harm done or do you feel you will lose your Dignity??Think it over and let me know.Am waiting…

Omnia Vincit Amor : : Love Conquers All

Wikipedia defines Love as “an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment”.It also says ” love is a virtue representing all of human kindness,compassion and affection.Love is a word which is most commonly used irrespective of whether the feelings associated with it exist or not.Each of us cherish the thought of being loved by someone special.But it is sad that the real meaning or feeling is missing these days.

We all fall in Love at some point of time in our otherwise boring lives.It is beautiful while it lasts.The heart skips a beat(this is heresay,personally havent experienced that) everything seems wonderful,you notice each leaf,tree,bird and thank God for bringing you into this world.Then one day it is all over.Whatever you adore about the other person suddenly seems so wrong.Each mannerism,each detail seems ridiculous,detestable and you cannot imagine how you even “fell in love” with such a person!!You are irked by his/her behaviour and almost end up hating each other.

What is this emotion that turns a man into the devil??Why do we react so badly after a breakup?Why do we give our all to one person and then hurt ourselves so bad??These questions have no answers.Maybe it is Human Nature.Maybe that is how we are.We like having someone to Love.But we also hate it when things go sore.Coming to terms with reality is almost impossible.

But still we dare to Love and be Loved.Though it is said that when you Love someone you do not expect Love in return,we hope to be Loved.If the feelings are mutual it is paradise,if not it turns to despair and frustration.Loving one’s family and friends is natural and mostly mutual.It is pure and sacred.But the Love you feel for that special someone surpasses it all.It is exhilarating,exciting and everything else takes a back seat.Friends,family and all who meant so much no longer mean that much.All you can think of is that one person and no one else.

What is difficult to understand is “fall in Love” while we actually “rise in Love“. It makes us look at everything differently.The sights which till yesterday were just there suddenly seem beautiful and amazing.”Love Makes The World Go Around” had read this somewhere and seems so true.Everything revolves around that one person.The day begins and ends with him/her. Nights are spent in dreaming and living in a fantasy world.It is a dream that lasts till your Love exists.It is all make-believe and yet so beautiful.

Can you actually fall “out of Love“?? Is  the mind and heart so weak that a person who meant the world to you all of a sudden is washed out of memory??Not possible in real.It is just that we try to fool our mind into believing the worst so that we can come to terms with the loss.But is it not easier to live with memories??Why forget someone just because those feelings are no longer in existence??In reality we never forget,we just let it lay hidden in the dark recesses of our minds.

There is so much that can be said and so much that can be felt but do we really Believe in this four letter word called Love??

Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.It is a never-ending debate and each one may have his/her opinion and maybe someone will be able to at last solve this puzzle which has been around from the time we came into existence.

Sigmund Freud says ” We are never so defenseless against suffering as when we love, never so forlornly unhappy as when we have lost our love object or its love

Some thoughts:

  • Love is to be in awe of a person with or without presence.
  • Love is an emotion which stimulates a lot of feelings inside your body.It is how uniquely one person stands out and you want to spend you time with him/her
  • Love is a feeling that binds together two separate individuals without Boundary, Limit and Distance.
  • Love is an undefinable Entity.
  • Love is a Medium or a Neutral point from where you can see both sides but you do not realise or rather are unaware of them because you are lost in someone.You have an option of choosing sides or remaining Neutral.

Human or??

A smile comes to my lips,
A tear falls unnoticed,
I laugh when i look back,
Its time to move on…

Small things can bring cheer,
I have no reason to fear.
I live like i was born today,
I dont want to grow up ever.

Innocence is lost in a moment,
It holds no value today.
Life is taken for granted,
Humans are a cursed breed.

Taking one’s life is normal,
Adultery’s sign of maturity.
Heartbreaks without thought,
Feelings are for the meek.

Everywhere i look i see deception,
Cunning looks follow me everywhere.
Is Life worth living i wonder,
has Love lost its way??

God created us with care,
He gave us a Heart that breathes.
He gave us conscience to follow,
to help us choose wisely.

Do we treat our bodies with respect??
Do we deserve this existence??
Questions like these haunt me,
Can someone answer me???


Sometimes we all need space.We need to stay away from everyone.It maybe our parents,friends,lover.Its just that we need to be alone.We need time to meditate,time to just be with ourselves,away from this crazy world with all that gets on to our nerves quite so often.It is not easy to leave everything behind when there are people looking upto you for support,love,care,attention.But sometimes we need to do the unthinkable.We need to reach out and touch the sky,walk untrodden paths,go where no one has ever dared go,no destination,no aim just listening to our heart.

It feels as though someone has called you,whispered in your ear that you need to go away,walk away,leave everything and everyone behind.Crazy i may sound but those who have taken time to analyse oneself will agree with me.We all have this urge to chuck everything and start afresh.A handful may even venture but only the strongwilled carry on…

Life moves on and time mends but some wounds may never heal.It maybe because we dont want them to.We accept the pain,we live with it and as time progresses it becomes a part of us.


I close my eyes
only for a moment and the moment’s gone
all my dreams
pass before my eyes in curiosity
dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind

Same old song
just a drop of water in an endless sea
all we do
crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see
dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind…. ohh

Now don’t hang on
nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
it slips away
and all your money won’t another minute buy
dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind

Kansas : Dust in the wind

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