Celebrating 10 years of Togetherness…




Just me…

It is a challenge writing something which is original and at the same time an interesting read.I have always tried to do so and hopefully with the help of all those who make an effort in reading my blog,i will continue to do so.This time instead of a poem or pictures i would like to tell you something more about myself.How does that sound??Boring?? I hope not…

As i have mentioned earlier i am an only child so i have had no one to learn from or imitate.Life has had its ups and downs just like everyone else.There have been moments when i have felt so frustrated and low that it makes me wish i was dead.But those are just thoughts which maybe due to hormones or just my mind being irrational.Most of the time i thank God that i am alive and kicking still.

In school i was an above average student but quite shy and dreaded the very thought of going on stage to perform or participate in any competitions.Now when i look back i feel i should have made an effort to fight that and perhaps i would be different.But the past is buried and it isn’t coming back.I admire all those youngsters who stand up with a smile and confidence even if they are scared within.Hats off to all  you boys and girls you make me jealous.

College again was uneventful with many of my classmates being there and hence i didn’t have to make much efforts to befriend people.We were mostly an all girls gang bunking lectures not always but whenever we felt like,sitting in campus commenting on all those who passed by,celebrating those special days like Rose Day,Traditional Day etc with enthusiasm.Those days were good and i miss my group.

After graduation i took up a job which wasn’t exactly what i would have settled for if i had known what was in store.My superior was a woman and even now when i think of her it makes me feel unpleasant.I was a fresher and everything was new to me.She always was on warpath yelling,demanding, expecting me to sit till late though i stayed quite far away.It is a wonder how i could manage to work for 11 months before i just had enough.I must say women though make good bosses in terms of efficiency,hard work completely lack emotions when they reach a higher position.I can never forget those days when i used to dread going to work.I just hope she has changed for the good.

After being jobless for quite a few months i joined another organisation where things seemed much better.The work environment was good, i made new friends (some of them are still in touch), learnt quite a few things and had some fun too.But then after a few years i realised things were not what they seemed.There was partiality,jealousy,quite a bit of dirty politics.There were certain practices which i wasn’t exactly happy about and well again i ended up having a female boss!!But i must say i learnt a lot not only job related but also about the world.Different kinds of people – sweet talkers,smart asses,arrogant people i saw it all there.What was sad was people who actually worked hard with honesty and sincerity were never appreciated or promoted.Instead those who hardly put in efforts but instead were always trying to please the boss seemed to get it all.

At present i am a happily married woman enjoying life,doing all that i love doing and having a wonderful life!!!

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey

Through thick and thin

Some relationships are taken for granted.Only when the person concerned is distant you realise what he/she means to you.People who are around you always and actually care are sometimes ignored and people who seem least concerned are always on your mind.It is strange but true.It took me years to acknowledge and accept how much i need him(My dear Husband) in my life.I guess our shift to a new place helped in strengthening our bond.

So long since i have known you,
can still remember those initial days,
started of as friends turned into lovers,
a journey which is meant to continue for long.

Time has passed and so much has changed,
a life of roses and thorns has begun,
carefully picking up pieces of our past,
we have gone through a lot since then.

Earlier everything we both took for granted,
all that was handed to us without asking,
parents supported and stood by us always,
a comfortable existence wihout too much strife.

One day we found ourselves all alone,
away from the care and attention of our family,
caught in a place which scared us a little,
strength we had to find from within.

Slowly we built our nest in this new country,
struggling against all odds to adjust and live,
falling and rising and falling again,
holding hands for suport while we settled in.

As life became simpler we understood better,
less of arguments and more of mature discussion,
silence once uncomfortable became acceptable,
sitting together quietly we exchanged our views.

You have been my saviour and my honest supporter,
inspite of few words your actions say it all,
a day without you seems so depressing and tough,
in you i found everything and i love you so much…


The touch of a child…

Women as far as i have noticed love kids.Be it their own or someone else’s. Though i belong to the same sex have never felt as close or attracted to children in the past.I know they are cute,adorable but on many occasions i have found myself in a very uncomfortable position when in close proximity with kids. I just am helpless and don’t know what to do!!!All this changed when my darling nephew came home.He is just a little above 2 years old and not as naughty as many kids.His talks,his gestures infact everything about him made my heart melt. That was when i realised what it means to be around a kid.He is now back home and we all miss him so much.Each day i think about him,his small hands,his very own pronunciation which we sometimes mimic.Thank you my dear for making me feel somthing i never knew i had within.


Sleepy after a long flight and shy too,
you clung to daddy and refused to come to us,
crying to go home you broke our hearts so,
we were waiting so long for you my darling.

Soon you settled in and made us smile,
running around without a break in the house,
pooping, peeing in your diapers letting daddy know,
every little thing you did was so endearing.

Your wake up calls meant day had set in,
breakfast and tea soon please you seemed to say,
no fuss in eating it was so easy to feed you,
we were in awe of you my sweet sweet nephew.

Fireman Sam on the Ipad was your favourite passtime,
you knew most of the characters in the series,
Sam Please you said and it was an order to switch on,
complete concentration on screen when it was playing.

The sounds you made of a rocket,firetruck was so cute,
the roar of a lion so loud when you were in mood,
rickshaws,cars and buses you loved to see passing by,
a whole new world you showed us in those few days.

I loved to feed you and sit beside just observing you,
wanting to hug and play with you whole day,
grandpa and grandma poured all their love on you,
your affection for daddy so complete and emotional.

Now you are back to the place you call home,
your innocence,your laughter still resonating here,
our hearts hold memories abundant and so priceless,  
you are just the child i hope to bear some day …


Just Like…


Just like the air we breathe but cannot touch,
just like the sun that shines but is so far,
i know you are there somewhere someplace,
far away in distance that i cannot reach.

The moon casts its humble light in darkness,
the stars twinkle in a clear cloudless sky,
my eyes wander through the streets aglow,
seeking what is no longer there.

Thoughts and memories never let me be,
reminding me what is no longer with me,
i push away those feelings which haunt me,
they resist and persist till they win over me.

Longing for a new life with no worries and sorrows,
i seek a better place where no one knows who i am,
this new place gives me hope and i cling to it tight,
leaving behind everything that once was mine.

My crazy self!!

I spent days in my room,
wondering what was wrong,
something missing in my life,
not sure what it was.

I was neither happy nor sad,
lost in myself searching within,
deep down i felt a void,
a piece of me had disappeared.

What was it that i had lost,
did it matter if it went amiss,
i was uncertain and had no clue,
i kept on looking and hoping i knew.

My head was spinning and my mind confused,
crazy i became as the days swept by,
nights were peaceful and sleep serene,
no bad dreams haunted my slumber thankfully.

Enough i said to myself one sunny day,
nothing is missing i convinced myself atlast,
laughing as i look back at my weird self,
within is happiness and peace and nothing else!!!

Dark Dark Night


When the days seemed empty,
when the nights passed slowly,
i pondered over what i must do,
to make my life more worthy.

The Moonlight shone on the lake,
the reflection was so perfect,
the sound of crickets shattered the stillness,
i jumped in fright for i was in a trance.

I looked around in awe at the sparkling lake,
it beckoned me to come closer and not hesitate,
a boat stood waiting patiently on its banks,
i climbed in and i was on my way.

The moon disappeared and darkness crept in,
fireflies gathered and gave me some relief,
the forest was alive and so were all the trees,
on and on the boat moved as owls hooted,bats lurched.

My eyes felt heavy and i slept so soundly,
i awoke on a bed of dry leaves and flowers.
The sun had risen and the birds were chirping,
a new day had dawned it seemed cheerful.

Calling out to see if i was not so alone,
no reply i got just the trees were whispering.
Frightened of this strange forest my mind was troubled,
what must i do how could i escape i had no clue.

The boat had disappeared the water was so cold,
crocodiles prowled within waiting to get hold.
I walked into the deep forest with strange sounds,
i prayed i would find someone to help me…

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