I Feel…

Some things in life are forever.
The first kiss shared with someone,
The first person you gave your heart to,
The people who stood by you as pillars,
The ones who walked away .

They create memories etched in mind,
Some pleasant, some sad, some happy,
Lessons learnt, mistakes made, experience gained,
You try to forget but they remain,
Those who left footprints that never washed away…


I will survive…

Some people come into your life and make you feel wanted,important.They treat you well,understand you and smile with you.Their presence completes you in such a way that you dont feel the need for anything else.They show you the real you,the one who is hiding somewhere deep within your own self.You start living better,start doing things you never knew you were capable of.Life takes on a new meaning and you feel at peace.

When you begin this new role it is time for them to go away.They have played their part in your life and now it is time for them to show another like you the way.You experience remorse,you feel sad,loneliness envelopes you and clings to you wherever you go.

Dont despair because Life goes on.However much you grieve,however hard you cry,however long you take to recover,in the end you realise you will survive.We all have our roles to play and in the course of this play called Life,people will come and go.They will leave memories and many of those will live with you.But you will not stop living,you will continue walking the road with pain in the beginning but with a smile when you remember all those who came along and left an imprint in your Heart.

To all those people out there if you are seeing this,i am glad i came across you and i will cherish those moments always.Thank you for helping me discover myself. 🙂

It was my first day,
my journey had just begun,
slowly i stumbled forward,
hesitantly i walked towards.

I realised i was not alone,
i saw a shadow move along,
i was fearful and scared,
afraid of what was ahead.

I neednt have worried myself,
i shouldnt have feared so much,
my friend i saw by my side,
it took awhile to realise.

Confidence entered my veins,
steps were faster and we gained,
moments passed by quickly,
years went by so smoothly.

You taught me how to survive,
you showed me how to smile,
tears had no place inside,
as we walked side by side.

My heart grew stronger,
my spirit was lighter,
you became my mentor,
i called you my teacher.

One day you left abruptly,
not a word you said to me,
for days i was sad and lonely,
why did you do this to me???

You had to leave like you came,
without notice without a trace,
life moved on without you my friend,
i walked alone because it wasnt the end…


Omnia Vincit Amor : : Love Conquers All

Wikipedia defines Love as “an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment”.It also says ” love is a virtue representing all of human kindness,compassion and affection.Love is a word which is most commonly used irrespective of whether the feelings associated with it exist or not.Each of us cherish the thought of being loved by someone special.But it is sad that the real meaning or feeling is missing these days.

We all fall in Love at some point of time in our otherwise boring lives.It is beautiful while it lasts.The heart skips a beat(this is heresay,personally havent experienced that) everything seems wonderful,you notice each leaf,tree,bird and thank God for bringing you into this world.Then one day it is all over.Whatever you adore about the other person suddenly seems so wrong.Each mannerism,each detail seems ridiculous,detestable and you cannot imagine how you even “fell in love” with such a person!!You are irked by his/her behaviour and almost end up hating each other.

What is this emotion that turns a man into the devil??Why do we react so badly after a breakup?Why do we give our all to one person and then hurt ourselves so bad??These questions have no answers.Maybe it is Human Nature.Maybe that is how we are.We like having someone to Love.But we also hate it when things go sore.Coming to terms with reality is almost impossible.

But still we dare to Love and be Loved.Though it is said that when you Love someone you do not expect Love in return,we hope to be Loved.If the feelings are mutual it is paradise,if not it turns to despair and frustration.Loving one’s family and friends is natural and mostly mutual.It is pure and sacred.But the Love you feel for that special someone surpasses it all.It is exhilarating,exciting and everything else takes a back seat.Friends,family and all who meant so much no longer mean that much.All you can think of is that one person and no one else.

What is difficult to understand is “fall in Love” while we actually “rise in Love“. It makes us look at everything differently.The sights which till yesterday were just there suddenly seem beautiful and amazing.”Love Makes The World Go Around” had read this somewhere and seems so true.Everything revolves around that one person.The day begins and ends with him/her. Nights are spent in dreaming and living in a fantasy world.It is a dream that lasts till your Love exists.It is all make-believe and yet so beautiful.

Can you actually fall “out of Love“?? Is  the mind and heart so weak that a person who meant the world to you all of a sudden is washed out of memory??Not possible in real.It is just that we try to fool our mind into believing the worst so that we can come to terms with the loss.But is it not easier to live with memories??Why forget someone just because those feelings are no longer in existence??In reality we never forget,we just let it lay hidden in the dark recesses of our minds.

There is so much that can be said and so much that can be felt but do we really Believe in this four letter word called Love??

Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.It is a never-ending debate and each one may have his/her opinion and maybe someone will be able to at last solve this puzzle which has been around from the time we came into existence.

Sigmund Freud says ” We are never so defenseless against suffering as when we love, never so forlornly unhappy as when we have lost our love object or its love

Some thoughts:

  • Love is to be in awe of a person with or without presence.
  • Love is an emotion which stimulates a lot of feelings inside your body.It is how uniquely one person stands out and you want to spend you time with him/her
  • Love is a feeling that binds together two separate individuals without Boundary, Limit and Distance.
  • Love is an undefinable Entity.
  • Love is a Medium or a Neutral point from where you can see both sides but you do not realise or rather are unaware of them because you are lost in someone.You have an option of choosing sides or remaining Neutral.

Its funny how i cling to someone for my happiness.He may not even be aware of how i feel but i guess its best he doesnt realise it. Its a relief speaking to him,as though he is all i have in this Mad Mad World. Its just that unknowingly i have started depending on him for my joys,my pleasure,my smile,my laughter.

Wierd is how i call myself.Queer perhaps not in the sexual sense but otherwise. I always thought of myself as a loner,someone who doesnt fit in any group,who doesnt follow the rules,who prefers following her mind than others(Society) thoughts. But at the same time i have always yearned for love,attention,care,appreciation and at times a little pampering ;).. Is that wrong??Am i not entitled to my share of emotions,feelings??I am for sure and that is precisely why i am dependant.I know its not right and it causes more pain than needed but at the same time i have my moments of pleasure,solace.

Its like drifting away along with the wind,no sense of direction,no fear,no time limit just free floating. Haha,no drugs are required for this,all you need is a stress free mind,a complete understanding of oneself and the will to take a chance. Simple isnt it??Yes,it is and once you have all this in place all you have to do is flow…………………….

Chance and Choice


We all have a chance,
A chance to live,
We all have a life,
Full of dreams…

The day we are born,
We have a choice,
To survive or die….

As kids we play,
We tease,we stray,
As teenagers we lie,
We fake and try.

As we grow older,
We again have a choice,
A choice to smile,
To risk and fly high.
The choice may be wrong,
The moment may be gone,
But we still have a chance,
To look back or move on.

Looking back we mourn,
Moving on we hope,
Hope for better days,
Hopes keep us Alive…………..


A small brain,a big.small body but a multitude of emotions that is within.It is not easy to control our emotions and many a times we find ourselves in an embarassing situation thanks to our outburst without a warning whatsoever. Then there are moments when we donot think before we speak and just end up blabbering whatever comes to mind. It may lead to serious misunderstandings unless the person who is the victim is someone who knows us well enough to understand that we didnot mean what we said.Not always may we be so lucky isnt it??Many a relationships have broken thanks to our unintentional utterances.

I myself have been in this situation numerous times and i regret having said what i did then.I have apologised in case i did realise then itself that what i said was wrong.But not always has this been possible and by the time i came to my senses,it was too late to make amends 😦 . Still regret having done what i did then but learnt a lesson and i try hard not to repeat that again.

Certain emotions especially negative ones like anger,envy,greed,jealousy have a tendency to erupt easily.The best way to control such emotions wold be to first start knowing yourself.Self Analysis is very important and you will come to know what actually trigers these negative thoughts.Once you relaise this,it would not be that difficult to calm oneself or tone down.We always wait for someone to understand us,but we ourselves fail to understand oneself!!! It is a fact because sometimes you realise what you are only when someone actually tells you.The best way to know oneself is to stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself.Ask yourself or rather the mirror what you are.

I am no expert but i am speaking from personal experience.After crying,fuming,fretting,getting angry without actually having any valid reason,i realised(a little late) how foolish i have been.But i am glad i atleast realised this now. “Better Late Than Never”………

According to me some Positive Emotions Would Be:

  1. Joy Best when Shared…it doubles
  2. HappinessTo be felt always…..
  3. ExcitementBe it a small thing,it doesnot matter because for you it might be the most important thing in your Life
  4. PrideNot false pride but pride which is basically felt for your loved ones when they achieve something.
  5. LoveCan also be a feeling but it is one of the most powerful ones.It makes you see everything in a new light.It maybe your parents,siblings,friends,spouse,animals,lover….