The ache when missing a loved one,
the hurt when someone leaves for good,
the feeling of being left alone for a moment,
the feel of losing what means so much.

The fear of a fall when you cannot get up,
the emotion felt when nothing seems right,
the tears that flow without a provocation,
something missing but you don’t know what.

It never seems to go away though u try,
days on end pass without any relief at all,
a gloom settles and has no plans to leave,
it becomes a constant companion without invitation.

Sudden as it came it has gone away,
taking with it tears and unhappiness,
in its  place remain cheer and positive spirit,
i bid farewell to the pain i felt within…



Alone in this World,
No one to call My own,
Loneliness my SoulMate,
Tears my only Solace.
Years pass by,
Time Flies,
Thoughts change as i grow Older,
And Life begins to seem brighter.

No More Sadness, No More Pain,
Only Happiness and Smiles I Gain,
Each Day is a New Beginning,
Mingled with a Tingling Feeling.

What will happen I dont Know or Care,
I Live for Today and do My Share,
Spreading Smiles, Holding Hands,
Lifting Spirits,Breaking Limits……..

I Gain a lot,I Lose a Lot,
I Care Not for what I Lost…



A new place,a new beginning,
Life has got a new meaning.
There are hardships,there are sorrows,
There are so many secrets to burrow.

Different people,a different culture,
They belong to a different structure.
There is sadness,there is pain,
A feeling of loneliness again nd again.

Trying hard to settle,
Not easy,tough a little.
But lucky to be here,
Meeting new people is a pleasure.

Friends,family are not so near,
But deep inside they are so dear.
Time to learn,time to absorb,
Time to gain and take off.