Time to Celebrate


Some years ago my life changed,
a daughter i was a wife i became.
A mangalsutra on my neck was proof,
i had a new surname which took getting used to.

At the beginning there were tiffs,
some tears i cried and some days i was sad.
Adjusting to this new life took some time,
slowly i settled in and life became simpler.

Friends drifted apart,priorities changed,
my life revolved around my new family.
It was unintentional or perhaps my decision,
i distanced myself and was happy like this.

Each thought centred around my spouse,
our bond grew stronger as years passed.
We went so many places and created memories,
good times spent in each other’s company.

I look back at that day i became a bride,
so many expectations and anxiety was inside.
Dreams,aspirations,hopes and love,
so many feelings bundled inside my mind.

I smile now as i turn the pages of History,
so much has changed in my life since that day.
Things i learnt and experiences i gathered,
may those come in use for someone yonder.

Tomorrow we celebrate our joyous union,
In pride and happiness and joys so plenty.
I wish us both a Very Happy Anniversary,
Cheers to our marriage and our lives together!!



Something about them makes us want to Be With Them and at the same time Keep As Far Away From Them As Possible.Strange but most women would agree with me in this regard.having studied in a co-ed school i have come across all kinds of men(then boys).Till they attain Adolescence,they are comfortable speaking to girls.But then things begin to change.It maybe because they start looking at girls in a different manner or perhaps its their hormones going Haywire!!!Well,whatever it is it does tend to make them quite uncomfortable and yes not to forget their voice buds undergoing a change which leads to a croaking sound whenever they try to speak(its funny for us but not for the..poor thing).

Then comes the stage when all they want is to have a girl to show off..And mind you it has to be some chic and not some homely simple girl(sister or motherly is what i mean).There is always a competition as to who will get the best or rather the hotttest chic!!!

Then comes the stage when they have to start earning and settle down.Have a family – wife,kids and a packahe deal which includes in laws,cousins,friends and God knows how many people……..This is when a man starts getting restless,when he starts actually thinking what he has done and what he deserves.If he looks in the right direction,then life goes on,if not ……………God save him!!!!

Men want their wives/life partner to be understanding,compromising,adjusting,persevearant.At the push of a button she must satisfy his every need,it doesnot matter if she actually isnt upto it or unwilling.She maybe a working woman,a mother but she should also be a good Housekeeper,available at his beck and call.No matter what she does or how good she is at her work,she is always at fault.And ofcourse the numerous jokes at her cost(you get it on the net always – most are aimed at women esp. wives). It is sad and i can feel it because i am a woman…

Men have so much of Ego that they just cannot think ok women as equals.There is always a clash and that leads to arguments and misunderstandings.But there are men who donot belong to this category. Men who respect women,appreciate them,regard them as equals and treat them well. Though the percentage may not be that high,they do exist and i must say i am lucky in this regard :). Life becomes so much easier when two people living under the same roof are able to see eye for eye.After all we all are Humans and we need to remember that.Life is all about Living In Harmony and Co-existing inspite of all our Differences

 Men you need to Remember…If not for women you wouldnt be in this world.So learn to appreciate them and accept the fact that they too are equally capable of doing activities which you claim is not a Woman’s Job!!!


Its been a while since i tied the knot.I knew it would be full of responsibilities,problems,sacrifices,compromises….But what i didnt realise was i would have to live upto expectations.Whose???This Society…..Samaj or whatever it is.Its not enough for Them that i got married.There are so many other things which i have to accomplish to prove i have succeeeded as a Wife.I smile when i am asked the  Dreaded Question and just dont answer because whatever i say will never satisfy their Curiosity.Its hard enough to stand out and be different but its tough to retain my Individuality.

I am not a child who needs constant monitoring and who needs to be ordered around.I am matured enough to understand what i want in Life,Good or Bad doesnt matter as long as there’s no one to blame but myself.


Society, we all know there’s something wrong and we know it all along
Sincerity, You may think there’s no one else till they put you on a shelf
Society, pay your taxes stand in line help them plan for your demise
Society, crush the weak to get your share cause nobody’s playing fair.

How long you pray makes no difference today
When it’s society devices how you pay
When finding the truth makes no difference to you
Anyway you look at it you’re gonna get screwed
And no one cares..    

Society, no one here can get along
Sincerity, Think you’re going with the flow but you never really know
Society, to all the leaders its a Game and it’s making you insane
Society, Data patterns  are supplied proof tap back up all the lies
Hardly alive…

Society you can go on with the flow but you never really know
Society, Pay your taxes stand in line you can vote or get a Life!!

 Society : Pennywise