This Virtual Reality

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Came across you online one day,
just another friend i made today,
words were exchanged and thoughts matched,
i found you were different so similar to me.

We talked some more and then realised,
we live so close and still never crossed paths,
further conversation surprised me even more,
we studied in the same school some years apart.

Reminiscing about school and the fun we had,
teachers and crushes and pranks we played,
good old days came to mind as we conversed,
was it so long ago it seems like just yesterday.

As we took a trip down memory lane,
we agreed life was so much more fun then,
no hurdles,no responsibilities just play and make merry,
parents to scold and love and pamper us always.

It feels nice knowing someone sharing the same playground,
someone passing through the same corridor and classrooms,
spanked by the same teachers sitting on the same bench too,
fearing the principal while leaning outside as punishment.

Thanks to this virtual world i found you my schoolmate,
we took a trip down memory lane and i cherish those days,
the innocence, the smiles, the warmth and the naughtiness,
those days won’t come back but fond memories will remain.


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