I will survive…

Some people come into your life and make you feel wanted,important.They treat you well,understand you and smile with you.Their presence completes you in such a way that you dont feel the need for anything else.They show you the real you,the one who is hiding somewhere deep within your own self.You start living better,start doing things you never knew you were capable of.Life takes on a new meaning and you feel at peace.

When you begin this new role it is time for them to go away.They have played their part in your life and now it is time for them to show another like you the way.You experience remorse,you feel sad,loneliness envelopes you and clings to you wherever you go.

Dont despair because Life goes on.However much you grieve,however hard you cry,however long you take to recover,in the end you realise you will survive.We all have our roles to play and in the course of this play called Life,people will come and go.They will leave memories and many of those will live with you.But you will not stop living,you will continue walking the road with pain in the beginning but with a smile when you remember all those who came along and left an imprint in your Heart.

To all those people out there if you are seeing this,i am glad i came across you and i will cherish those moments always.Thank you for helping me discover myself. 🙂

It was my first day,
my journey had just begun,
slowly i stumbled forward,
hesitantly i walked towards.

I realised i was not alone,
i saw a shadow move along,
i was fearful and scared,
afraid of what was ahead.

I neednt have worried myself,
i shouldnt have feared so much,
my friend i saw by my side,
it took awhile to realise.

Confidence entered my veins,
steps were faster and we gained,
moments passed by quickly,
years went by so smoothly.

You taught me how to survive,
you showed me how to smile,
tears had no place inside,
as we walked side by side.

My heart grew stronger,
my spirit was lighter,
you became my mentor,
i called you my teacher.

One day you left abruptly,
not a word you said to me,
for days i was sad and lonely,
why did you do this to me???

You had to leave like you came,
without notice without a trace,
life moved on without you my friend,
i walked alone because it wasnt the end…






View from Train


3 Ws :: What Women Want(A woman knows…)

Men will be Men..So anything which takes patience, money, care etc will be regarded as a pain all over.Women are a Mystery for them.I being a woman can say for sure that this isnt true.God created both Men and Women.There is got to be some similarities along with the differences which are highlighted so often!!

First of all let us try and clear our minds of all that we have heard,read,assumed about Women.There are jokes some of them quite cruel and pathetic,jibes about their dumbness(refers mostly to blondes),their dominating attitude and so on.

Can men survive without Women??Yes and No.We Humans be it Men or Women need someone to talk to,fight with,vent out our emotions to.It is always easier to share with a member of the opposite sex.You find it easier to open up.So Men do need Women for that.

All you Men out there,if you are reading this maybe it will help you understand your Woman(its ok if you dont understand your neighbour’s wife ;))

1. Attention Please : Women are extremely emotional especially when its going to be that dreaded time of the month.So it wont hurt to be a little more attentive,caring during those days.

2. I Love You : She likes hearing those 3 words over and over again.I know men may feel it doesnt really matter.Why not say it once in a while even if you feel words dont count.A smile on her face will tell you how much she treasures it.

3. Gift : Yes yes i can sense men raising their eyebrows and saying “There she goes”.I guess you are right unfortunately.She likes receiving gifts especially if they arent something she has begged,pleaded,asked for ;).It neednt be something very expensive like Platinum or Perfume ,even flowers will do.Gifts can be given not only on special days but even otherwise :).So head for the nearest florist or gift shop asap.

4.Time is Precious : Work pressure maybe more,there are deadlines that need to be met and there is the Boss you need to please to get that big Bonus.But just take a moment to think what  is all this for??You earn to live better,spend better and have all that you dream of.If that takes away those precious moments spent in your loved one’s company then do you really need it??Time can be divided and you can always make time for those who matter.Else what you lose can never come back.

5. Who’s the Boss : Women like to have the upper hand in Household Matters. They like doing things their way and it is justified.She looks after the house,keeps it neat and clean,looks after the kids and pets(if any) so she deserves to be the Boss at home.Accept it Men or you had it 😉

6. Mother vs. Wife : Men always compare their wives with their moms.Be it cooking,caring for or anything.Can any 2 individuals be the same?Not possible right.So stop comparing and see each as different and live happily ever after…

This World is made up of both sexes and nothing you do can change that.So why not let your Male Ego take a backseat and try to see things from a Woman’s Perspective.No harm done or do you feel you will lose your Dignity??Think it over and let me know.Am waiting…

Natural Beauty



Lake Constanz(Bodensee)



Rhine Falls(Switzerland)






Raise the Curtain(face the world)

Hiding beneath a curtain of innocence,
i can be what i want to be,
the mirror smiles when i look through,
the face i see is new to me.

I wait to go behind the curtain,
want to live more in that world,
it belongs to me and myself,
it is the real me.

The stars shine more bright here,
the moonlight seeps in unobstructed,
i bathe in her glorious light,
the light makes me feel complete.

Away from this world of mine,
is a shadow of what i am,
a presence without existence,
a life without substance.

One day the curtain will lift,
time will change for good,
my world will merge with the other,
i will live as one entity.

That day is not far off,
that moment is drawing near,
i sense a flutter in the curtain,
innocence is nearing maturity.

Will i survive this conflict,
will i grow as a better person,
time will tell the story,
fate will decide what will happen to me.