Heaven on Earth…

Some say Heaven is a beach,
the sands golden and so clean,
some call it a pure place,
where no evil can ever reside.

Some say Heaven is for good people,
who have been true and never sinned,
some call it the place to belong,
where peace and goodness prevail.

Some say Heaven is paradise,
no place on earth can compare,
some call it the beginning,
of the end of all that is sinful.

I call Earth my Heaven,
i live in Paradise and belong here,
good and evil dwell though not amicably,
tranquility i find within and i am content…


A place…

At times i want to disappear.Go someplace where i am all alone.No people to meet,noone to question me,nobody waiting for me.At times i want to be with myself,lost somewhere someplace.In a field or a mountain where i am the only one. I want to vanish,to just float and maybe forget what i am.Is that weird?Am i crazy?I dont really care but i know all of us feel so at one point of time in our lives filled to the brim.We need a place to call our own where no one can follow us,nobody knows.It is a secret we guard in our minds.

I wish i had such a place.I wish i knew if there was such a place…

I say…

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