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Gardaland: Adventure,Energy,Excitement


Am not much of an adventure freak nor do i get so high on these joy rides especially the roller coasters.They just seem so scary and i have always wondered how people have the guts to sit on them!!All this changed when we visited Gardaland (Italy). I had seen videos of most of the rides and the Energy ones seemed not at all my types.But i did manage to jump into a few of them and wow what an experience.I came out smiling and with a feeling of having achieved something;). Maybe because it was my first time in an Amusement Park.I can’t say what but it sure had me all excited and exhilarated.


Space Vertigo

This ride takes you right to the top of a pole.You are sitting tight in your seat safe and in no danger.You go up slowly till you reach the top.There is a great view from there.Then while you start relaxing and enjoying the scene you are dropped to the ground at full speed.The first few seconds are the most exciting.You are in the air and you feel a sense of weightlessness similar to the feeling you get during an airplane take off and landing.Then come the screams and by the time you realise what is happening you are already on the ground!!

Flying Island

Something similar to a flying saucer;). It moves upwards upwards and also rotates so you get a great view of Garda lake and also of the entire Gardaland Park.


What starts off as a simple train journey is not really that simple!!Twists and turns in and out of a man made structure,it makes you hold on to the bars. Safely tucked in your seats,the only way out is once it is over:)…


You sit in a cage which goes round and round slowly and then fast.It moves upwards and sideways and gives you the feeling which perhaps a caged animal/bird would have.It left me feeling a little giddy though the view when it goes high up is great!!

Trans Gardaland Express

After all that adrelanile rush,it is time to take a break.The best way to do so is to take a ride in the cute little mini train.


Supposedly a horror house for adults but i must say it doesn’t live upto its mark!!

Peter Pan

Time for a small boat ride.A two seater boat which moves around slow at the beginning and then increases speed.Fun and may make you feel dizzy.

Blue Tornado

Another kind of roller coaster which i somehow dint dare sit on.The screams coming from those on it made me feel perhaps this isn’t meant for me.Though my husband did take this ride and he had his share of fun.

Top Spin

As the name suggests this ride takes you for a spin.Not for the weak hearted!!

Magic Mountain

The one i dared sit in!!At the beginning neither of us were sure we wanted to be a part of this ride.But we braved it all and must say one feather in my cap…hahaha.It starts of real slow just like silence before a storm.Then you are moving at lightening speed downhill,uphill,and even upside down!!


Some other things worth mentioning are : Jungle rapids( a round boat which moves on its own),Ortobruco Tour( a smiling caterpillar), Monorotaia(mono rail) and I Corsari ( a boat through tunnels with some interesting artifacts).

Also for all those who fear roller coasters there are 4D shows which give you that feel.It is a worth a visit especially if you are visiting Italy.This website can give you a better idea :

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Italy Pics….My clicks:)

 St. Peter’s Basilica – Vatican City

Another View


St. Peter’s afar


In St. Peter’s



 Another Altar


 Basilica Ceiling


 Basilica Ceiling Again




All Glitter

Inside Basilica



In Basilica 



 Holy Door



Marble like cloth



Confession Box







Inside Pantheon




 View From Room(Rome)


Temple In Lake


Statue in Park


Ana Capri Church




Floor work


Another View




Cinque Terra


Another Angle



Chocolates Anybody??

VeniceCanals and crowds





Back Home

After a week long vacation in Italy its good to be back.Had a great time there and as planned i managed to click some pics which i will publish soon(not sure how good or bad).Felt like i was back in India with all its chaos,ancient structures,crowded streets,narrow lanes,not so polite people but still a sense of belonging.Dint actually feel like a stranger because that is how those places welcome you.They take u in and accept you as a part of their flock.We managed to get lost in the confusing nameless streets of Venice and it was fun.The weather was good actually humid some days but nice and clear.To sum it all up a well spent vacation….