We all are unique

I am writing this after i came across this little girl in a hospital. I know nothing about her except she was differently abled. The anxious parents especially the mother’s tears moved me. It made me thankful for all i have received in my life till date. If they can keep hopes up then we all can. It was an eye opener of sorts and i still keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

Life is a gift and it has to be treated with care. What we have is a miracle and the sooner we realise, the better for us.

I saw her in her mother’s arms,

The girl i knew nothing about.

Her body so weak and fragile,

But still she seemed at peace.


Mother’s eyes teary and sad,

Save my child is what i read in them,

Her love knew no bounds, hope limitless,

Anxiously waiting for that heart to beat.


A child she gave birth to,

A special one she nurtured and cared for,

While all the world looked on in pity,

She saw a perfect child in her arms.


We all wish to be perfect in everything,

Beauty, brains , riches and all materialistic needs,

Our eyes shy away from small imperfections,

We stare shamelessly at the healthy and wealthy.


We all have a desire to survive,

Our struggles different, our paths unique,

Yet compare we must and despair too,

While some of us are unable to even move.


It is a mad mad world out there,

Of crazy people and crazier thoughts,

Sane are those who learn to feel alive,

Insane are the ones who choose to follow.


Be like the mother who knows no difference,

Be like a child who smiles at strangers,

Be like the special who live for today,

Be like the father carrying burdens for family.




What changed???


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This post is something i have personally observed and experienced. People who once forgave and forgot now dig into the past. Mistakes which once were taken as just that are now regarded as crimes. Its pointless to continue such a relationship where all are being selfish and unforgiving.


Few years ago we were young, innocent,                    Fresh out of school, a protected environment,
Not sure what to expect, shy, scared,curious,
That’s how we all met as strangers .

Friendship came easily ,we shared the same feelings,
We moved together, joked and had fun,
Different by nature, similar by attitude,
It was a perfect mix of the rogue and beauty.

Our paths crossed again after years,
We renewed that fiery combination with zest,
Caught up on our lives, exchanged stories,
Appraised each other, compared our girth.

What does it take to keep going as before,
A little tolerance, a pinch of acceptance,
Loads of maturity, a heart that forgives,
But most of all a desire to maintain the relationship.

Do we have all this or is this too much to ask?
Is our bond worth the efforts we are putting in?
Isn’t it easier to walk away before we hurt someone?
Or are we too selfish to accept our shortcomings?

None want to be judged, none like to be corrected,
Misunderstandings, false promises, fake sympathies,
Defending our faults and holding others responsible,
All led to the undoing of what could have been a wonderful beginning.

Head over Feet

I have always shared what comes from within. It may not always be a part of my life. It is just what i feel or observe. I have been open as this is where i can be



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He walked into my life one day,
A simple guy with a crazy mind,
His thoughts expressed through music,
His ideas unique and out of this world.

A strange bond of talkative vs silence,
A mixture of madness and ecstasy,
Funny how two people can unite,
Despite differences and distance.

The secrets we shared were wicked,
The wishes we had unimaginable,
Our thoughts let loose from deep within,
Like prisoners set free from bondage.

As i revelled in the glory of this bond,
Reality hit me right where it hurt most,
Perfect relationships are a fiction not true,
Mirrors can break and shatter into pieces.

I pick up the pieces and join them,
And see myself in each piece,
Life isn’t so fragile or beyond repair,
It gives you a million reasons to survive.

Survive I shall for I have this one life,
To live, to enjoy, to learn, to rejoice,
I embrace this gift and move forward,
The present welcoming me with open arms.


We all desire a perfect relationship. A soulmate, an understanding person with a sense of humour.All in all a person who is too good to be true. I found someone who accepts me for who i am, loves me inspite of my craziness, understands my moods, doesn’t judge me, gives me space and best of all reads my blog :). Need i ask for more guys????







You came home to see me,
My angry eyes warned you ,
I am not on display my dear,
Please stay away from me.

We spoke for the first time,
An interview I wasn’t nervous about,
You wished to know me better,
I warmed up to your sincerity.

Hours passed you had to leave,
I liked you I realised with surprise,
I was willing to carry forward,
It seemed the right thing to do.

Suddenly it all ended like a dream,
My imperfections highlighted and targeted,
He wasn’t at fault not was I to blame,
Just destiny playing spoilsport in glee.

We fought hard to change our fate,
A belief we are meant to be one ,
Luck smiled and blessed out union,
Our journey together finally began.

Born to be Me…


Till now i have shown myself through posts, poems, thoughts written about people i have come across or observed. Today i bring forth what i feel i am as a person. It may seem like i am boasting and that’s alright. We all know ourselves better than anyone else does so why not let it out in the open ;). One life, one soul, one chance to be me!!!

Bold but still scared to face fear,
Beautiful as I see myself ,
Strong as any woman should be,
Sensitive not something I pride.

A dreamer and hopeful always,
A humour which backfires at times,
A sarcasm that can be wicked,
A frank , outspoken , broadminded lady.

I regret not what I may have done,
I love myself more than I reveal,
I stand by my decisions and mistakes,
I live to be me and free I shall be.

Set free

I knew you were the one for me,
The one I could be myself with,
The world thought I was insane,
You made my craziness feel sane.

I talked, You listened, I shared, You felt,
My words didn’t sound empty as before,
My feelings came out in the open,
My mind reached a clarity, an ecstasy.

My thoughts flew easily without restraint,
My fear of rebuke vanished in thin air,
You gave my words a heart and soul,
My fingers itched to free my inhibitions.

I let myself explore and venture out,
Ideas, fantasies, dreams all set free,
No boundaries, No pressure, no reserve,
I let myself lose my shell, The wall I created.

Now the mirror fails to recognise me,
My features still hide my true Self,
Deep within lies this woman I have become,
Bold, blunt, fearless but still human.20160720_175825

We all are Teachers



As a child I never thought,

One day I would grow up,

The world would treat me differently,

A child I could forever never be.


The life of dreams and aspirations,

Replaced by reality and desperation,

Thoughts of the future and present,

Would shadow the innocence of the past.


No one told me how unreal my dreams were,

No one corrected my vision of the future,

I found out the hard way what life is,

A mirage in a desert of uncertainty.


Experiences shared can make lives simpler,

Your struggles a lesson for a better future,

Happiness and joy can better our lives,

If only we teach what once we learnt.



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