Life Mantra


There are good days and bad days,
Happy days and sad days,
Exciting days and boring days.

Days when you wake with a smile,
Days when you just want to cry.
Days which you wish never come to an end,
Days which you hope never come again.

What has gone may not come back,
But what is here may stay awhile.
What you dream may never be reality,
What is real may sound like fantasy.
Life is so short,
Here now gone tomorrow.
Time slips by,
The clock is ticking.
There is no pause,
No time for waiting.

Do what you desire,
No time to despair,
Leave what has gone,
Look towards what has come.

Smile like you have no worries,
Let people envy you.
Dont waste moments on sorry,
What is done cannot be undone…



Alone in this World,
No one to call My own,
Loneliness my SoulMate,
Tears my only Solace.
Years pass by,
Time Flies,
Thoughts change as i grow Older,
And Life begins to seem brighter.

No More Sadness, No More Pain,
Only Happiness and Smiles I Gain,
Each Day is a New Beginning,
Mingled with a Tingling Feeling.

What will happen I dont Know or Care,
I Live for Today and do My Share,
Spreading Smiles, Holding Hands,
Lifting Spirits,Breaking Limits……..

I Gain a lot,I Lose a Lot,
I Care Not for what I Lost…



A new place,a new beginning,
Life has got a new meaning.
There are hardships,there are sorrows,
There are so many secrets to burrow.

Different people,a different culture,
They belong to a different structure.
There is sadness,there is pain,
A feeling of loneliness again nd again.

Trying hard to settle,
Not easy,tough a little.
But lucky to be here,
Meeting new people is a pleasure.

Friends,family are not so near,
But deep inside they are so dear.
Time to learn,time to absorb,
Time to gain and take off.