Just me…

It is a challenge writing something which is original and at the same time an interesting read.I have always tried to do so and hopefully with the help of all those who make an effort in reading my blog,i will continue to do so.This time instead of a poem or pictures i would like to tell you something more about myself.How does that sound??Boring?? I hope not…

As i have mentioned earlier i am an only child so i have had no one to learn from or imitate.Life has had its ups and downs just like everyone else.There have been moments when i have felt so frustrated and low that it makes me wish i was dead.But those are just thoughts which maybe due to hormones or just my mind being irrational.Most of the time i thank God that i am alive and kicking still.

In school i was an above average student but quite shy and dreaded the very thought of going on stage to perform or participate in any competitions.Now when i look back i feel i should have made an effort to fight that and perhaps i would be different.But the past is buried and it isn’t coming back.I admire all those youngsters who stand up with a smile and confidence even if they are scared within.Hats off to all  you boys and girls you make me jealous.

College again was uneventful with many of my classmates being there and hence i didn’t have to make much efforts to befriend people.We were mostly an all girls gang bunking lectures not always but whenever we felt like,sitting in campus commenting on all those who passed by,celebrating those special days like Rose Day,Traditional Day etc with enthusiasm.Those days were good and i miss my group.

After graduation i took up a job which wasn’t exactly what i would have settled for if i had known what was in store.My superior was a woman and even now when i think of her it makes me feel unpleasant.I was a fresher and everything was new to me.She always was on warpath yelling,demanding, expecting me to sit till late though i stayed quite far away.It is a wonder how i could manage to work for 11 months before i just had enough.I must say women though make good bosses in terms of efficiency,hard work completely lack emotions when they reach a higher position.I can never forget those days when i used to dread going to work.I just hope she has changed for the good.

After being jobless for quite a few months i joined another organisation where things seemed much better.The work environment was good, i made new friends (some of them are still in touch), learnt quite a few things and had some fun too.But then after a few years i realised things were not what they seemed.There was partiality,jealousy,quite a bit of dirty politics.There were certain practices which i wasn’t exactly happy about and well again i ended up having a female boss!!But i must say i learnt a lot not only job related but also about the world.Different kinds of people – sweet talkers,smart asses,arrogant people i saw it all there.What was sad was people who actually worked hard with honesty and sincerity were never appreciated or promoted.Instead those who hardly put in efforts but instead were always trying to please the boss seemed to get it all.

At present i am a happily married woman enjoying life,doing all that i love doing and having a wonderful life!!!

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey


A place…

At times i want to disappear.Go someplace where i am all alone.No people to meet,noone to question me,nobody waiting for me.At times i want to be with myself,lost somewhere someplace.In a field or a mountain where i am the only one. I want to vanish,to just float and maybe forget what i am.Is that weird?Am i crazy?I dont really care but i know all of us feel so at one point of time in our lives filled to the brim.We need a place to call our own where no one can follow us,nobody knows.It is a secret we guard in our minds.

I wish i had such a place.I wish i knew if there was such a place…

Simply Me

If It Is To Be Me,It Is Upto Me“.An interesting saying with a lot of truth.But unfortunately for me,inspite of believing and realising the truth behind this simple thought,i tend to turn to others to know what i am.Wierd it is but that’s me.

We as humans lack nothing.We have looks,brains,attitude and yes we can communicate.Yet we find ourselves many a times in a situation where we are tongue tied.One of the main reasons i have understood or rather observed is we compare ourselves with those around us.These days so many of us have been fortunate enough to have got Quality Education.Engineers,Doctors,Architects,Scientists so on and so forth.But what i fail to understand is how much it actually helps us in being good Humans.Let me put it this way,when someone says he is a Doctor for e.g. does he say it with pride as in does he feel he has achieved something in life which perhaps isnt cakewalk or does he say it with humility just because he is being asked to.How many of us study because we wish to and not because we are forced to or because its something to boast about??Why do we look down upon people who are not as educated as we are??

I have known people who inspite of being not so highly qualified are successful in life.They may not be earning a high income but they are happy where they are and the main thing is they are doing something they are passionate about. Its so nice when you can do what you enjoy doing.It gives you satisfaction,peace,contentment and yes keeps you stress free!!!

This post is dedicated to those of my friends who have had the courage,the will,the strength and dedication to pursue what they desired….Hats off!!!

Do what you believe in,
Live the way you want to,
Chase your dreams and make the Reality,
Care not for what “They” say.

Those who understand will appreciate,
Those who dont will be jealous,
There will be thorns in your path,
“They” will make life miserable.

Dont give up just keep going,
Do your thing the way you know best,
The mirror will show the real you,
That is all that matters