Impressions :)

“First Impression Is The Last Impression”, that is what is said and perhaps to a certain extent it is true.People tend to form an opinion about an individual after meeting that person once.It may actually not be the right impression especially since it takes a long time to actually know someone.But unfortunately we humans have this tendency of judging a person critically.How they dress,talk,walk,smile,laugh,shake hands,how white their teeth are,how slim or fat they are all this seems to count and not to forget their footwear!!! Sounds strange but in the corporate world all this matters.

I have always wondered whether wearing a suit actually matters as long as the person wearing it is capable of presenting himself in a proper manner.We must wear decent clothes and not look shabby but that doesnot mean you roam around with a noose around your neck and feel as though any moment you will hang!! I agree everyone likes to look at well dressed individuals and also like to be looked upon as someone who dresses well.But if you are unable to match your outer appearance with your overall personality,it may get you nowhere.Imagine a well dressed man/woman whom you observe walking down the street and just when you decide he/she is definitely worth admiring, he/she starts abusing some passerby or perhaps someone on phone and that too loudly.Well,there goes your judgement and your First Impression.

There are times when you meet someone who is genuinely a good person but somehow you develop a strong dislike for that person in that first encounter.Then come what may it is very difficult to let go of those negative thoughts and try to see that person in a positive light.That actually is bad and may lead to you losing good friends or people who perhaps may actually be your wellwishers.It has happened with me too..Now i try to not judge people at all and instead try to let things unfold in their own sweet time.In due course you will realise and know better so you will be in a better position to be with or keep far away from such individuals.

Body language does matter and goes a long way in determining what exactly is playing on a person’s mind.It is easy to lie especially those people whose entire life is based on false information.They lie because they are insecure,because they are scared of not being accepted,they fear rejection and prefer lying through their nose to be accepted but in the bargain they end up losing their identity.One Lie leads to a Thousand Lies and once you start lying,you can never retrace your steps unless you have courage enough to accept ur lies and undo the damage.Being Truthful is much easier as you donot have to pretend being someone else and instead you can be what you really are……..



Its been a while since i tied the knot.I knew it would be full of responsibilities,problems,sacrifices,compromises….But what i didnt realise was i would have to live upto expectations.Whose???This Society…..Samaj or whatever it is.Its not enough for Them that i got married.There are so many other things which i have to accomplish to prove i have succeeeded as a Wife.I smile when i am asked the  Dreaded Question and just dont answer because whatever i say will never satisfy their Curiosity.Its hard enough to stand out and be different but its tough to retain my Individuality.

I am not a child who needs constant monitoring and who needs to be ordered around.I am matured enough to understand what i want in Life,Good or Bad doesnt matter as long as there’s no one to blame but myself.


Society, we all know there’s something wrong and we know it all along
Sincerity, You may think there’s no one else till they put you on a shelf
Society, pay your taxes stand in line help them plan for your demise
Society, crush the weak to get your share cause nobody’s playing fair.

How long you pray makes no difference today
When it’s society devices how you pay
When finding the truth makes no difference to you
Anyway you look at it you’re gonna get screwed
And no one cares..    

Society, no one here can get along
Sincerity, Think you’re going with the flow but you never really know
Society, to all the leaders its a Game and it’s making you insane
Society, Data patterns  are supplied proof tap back up all the lies
Hardly alive…

Society you can go on with the flow but you never really know
Society, Pay your taxes stand in line you can vote or get a Life!!

 Society : Pennywise

Back Home

After a week long vacation in Italy its good to be back.Had a great time there and as planned i managed to click some pics which i will publish soon(not sure how good or bad).Felt like i was back in India with all its chaos,ancient structures,crowded streets,narrow lanes,not so polite people but still a sense of belonging.Dint actually feel like a stranger because that is how those places welcome you.They take u in and accept you as a part of their flock.We managed to get lost in the confusing nameless streets of Venice and it was fun.The weather was good actually humid some days but nice and clear.To sum it all up a well spent vacation….