Colour Me Pretty

Browns,reds,purple and maroon,
seem not so appealing i know,
years ago they were in vogue,
times have changed they are now old.

Rainbow has just seven colours,
nails can have millions of variations,
shades for every lady and dame,
flaunt them and feel like a queen.

Shades of blue make me smile,
violets seem soothing to my eyes,
yellows and orange pull me closer,
dare i try them i stand and ponder.

Black is dark and not all carry it well,
gives a new meaning to hands and feet.
Greys are dull unless with some shimmer,
whites are for manicures and need some care.

Pinks are always around to please you,
neons are attractive and good for a tease.
Greens come in light and dark shades,
pleasant and elegant for the fair maiden.

For more sparkle add a little glitter,
select some stickers and go crazy.
Stars and moons and all the galaxy,
nails never before looked so cosmic.

Alas nails are just ten on hand and feet each,
i wish to try all but they are out of reach.
One colour a day is now my new mantra,
one on hand and another on my feet!!


The beautiful colours of Spring!!

Spring has set in,
bidding Winter goodbye.
The ground is brown again,
with patches of green.

Green tender leaves are sprouting,
buds are slowly blooming,
there is a soft rustling,
as the wind blows gently.

The birds are building homes,
the little ones are growing,
the skies are clear ,
a few clouds here and there.

The atmosphere is vibrant,
each day is a celebration,
the gloom of cold has gone,
replaced by warm sunny days.



The Setting Sun

As the sun sets the sky looks amazing.Pink,purple,orange and a little grey tinge.It is beautiful and it makes me want to stop the sun from setting completely because then darkness covers the sky.

I saw the evening
Fading shadows one by one
We watch the lamb, lay down to the sacrifice
I saw the children
The children of the sun
How they wept, how they bled, how they died

Do you ever ask yourself
Is there a Heaven in the sky
Why can’t we stop the fight

’cause we all live under the same sun
We all walk under the same moon
Then why, why can’t we live as one

Scorpions : : Under The Same Sun