Celebrating 10 years of Togetherness…




My Little Princess

You came into our lives,
One early morning at the break of dawn,
My heart skipped a beat,
As I held you in my arms.

Our lives changed completely,
Days flew like the wind,
There was just the two of us,
Now we are a family.

Your cries so loud defy your size,
You attained fame in a short while,
Lending your voice to the babies’ choir,
You are a true born leader.

Pacifying you is a trick needing practice,
You are inconsolable when bawling,
No toy, no pacifier will have any effect,
What must we do to calm you!

You smiled for the first time,
Your eyes lit up with joy,
Your toothless grin unmatchable,
Your innocence so adorable.

No matter we fail to please you,
You reward us with an endearing smile,
All the agony your cries give us,
Vanish in an instant like magic.

You are mummy’s pet,
Daddy dotes over you,
Grandparents rock you to sleep,
Darling you are my little baby girl.



Been away so long but never far,
been distant but yet never out of reach,
been missing action but never disappeared,
been absent from here but never left.

Wanting to be different has been difficult,
challenging myself has made life complicated,
striving to achieve what i myself don’t know,
wishing for success where there is none.

Waiting for a silver lining within dark clouds,
eyeing the horizon with anticipation and eagerness,
watching the sun go down and twilight appear,
gazing at the moon creeping through the mountains.

Thinking today is when i will do it perhaps,
wondering what i want to accomplish so suddenly,
dreaming my way through glory never to be had,
hoping against hope for something which isn’t mine…

Nobody feels

Nobody sees a simple girl as she  passes by,
though no one lacks an observant pair of eyes,
all they see is some pointless object,
of no value and useless in every way.

Nobody sees her smile that lights her face,
a joy that will take away all those pains,
see they might a blonde dressed to please,
makeup hiding blemishes and what not.

Nobody cares what she is going through,
each day a struggle that she must face,
instead they see the cars gleaming in the sun,
owners reclining while chaffeurs sweat it out.

Nobody knows what is happening outside,
the streets so unsafe,the crowds unstable,
everybody sights an actor fighting some bad guy,
just for the cameras, the money and all the fame.

Nobody hears the bombs dropping around the corner,
the shudder of mother earth being wrecked apart,
what they see is an occasion to click and boast,
they witnessed a catastrophe and escaped unhurt.

Nobody lies awake wondering how the soldiers fare,
guarding our borders with courage and valour,
they lack love for their Motherland conspicuous by its absence,
they can never feel the ache in a mother’s heart.

My first grey hair…

Image Courtesy : http://www.visualphotos.com/image/2×4264729/single_strand_of_gray_hair


Happened to look in the mirror today,
wish i hadn’t but can’t change that,
saw something shining on my head,
my first grey hair was smiling at me.

I separated it from other strands,
hoping perhaps my eyes have gone bad,
there it was clearly not an illusion,
nothing could deny this was reality.

Does it mean i am getting old faster,
or is it that i am counting days perhaps,
one hair can cause such gory thoughts,
one hair that ruled over my head today.

I prayed it would fall off like the other strands,
i wanted to pull it out and gloat over my win,
then a thought struck in this mean head of mine,
there are others where i came from it said.

Maybe i could hide it beneath my still black hair,
perhaps i could dye it and feel good for some time,
better i just leave it and let it fight for space,
black is still a majority and i felt relieved a bit.

Does the hair colour or lack of hair determine youth,
is that an important deterrent in making you look young,
for some time i did believe that was the case,
for awhile i did weep over my one little grey hair.

Hours after pondering on this new unpleasant realisation,
it was high time i came to a meaningful conclusion,
gray or black or no hair i don’t care any longer,
i shall age gracefully and with pride i said to myself.


The ache when missing a loved one,
the hurt when someone leaves for good,
the feeling of being left alone for a moment,
the feel of losing what means so much.

The fear of a fall when you cannot get up,
the emotion felt when nothing seems right,
the tears that flow without a provocation,
something missing but you don’t know what.

It never seems to go away though u try,
days on end pass without any relief at all,
a gloom settles and has no plans to leave,
it becomes a constant companion without invitation.

Sudden as it came it has gone away,
taking with it tears and unhappiness,
in its  place remain cheer and positive spirit,
i bid farewell to the pain i felt within…

The Night Is Still Young…

Night has set in,
all are asleep in bed,
snoring and dreaming of unfulfilled wishes,
tossing and turning to be more comfortable.

Some are still awake eyes wide open,
sleep evading them inspite of the late hour,
dogs bark and howl marking their territory,
insomnia in full swing as the moon shines above.

In this age of computers and mobile phones,
sleeplessness isnt an issue but a boon to connect,
chatrooms are open for secret rendezvous,
unkown entities let loose their true nature.

Animal instincts wake up and confidence rises,
hidden identities unravel lust and desire,
no boundaries no laws just what you make yourselves,
hunger of the mind and body set free each night.

Guilty thoughts released into private space the blue nowhere,
this virtual paradise has more takers than reality,
no touch or feel just imagination and assumption,
they flow through screens to be with each other.

Every night of each day history repeats itself,
people change but thoughts still remain the same,
romance blooms and heartbreaks occur ever so frequently,
inspite of distance people hurt and lose in the bargain.

Still they continue hoping for the right person,
never realising there is a gap between real and virtual,
staring at the screen with bloodshot eyes but in anticipation,
never giving up what is just an act not some reaity.

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