I will survive…

Some people come into your life and make you feel wanted,important.They treat you well,understand you and smile with you.Their presence completes you in such a way that you dont feel the need for anything else.They show you the real you,the one who is hiding somewhere deep within your own self.You start living better,start doing things you never knew you were capable of.Life takes on a new meaning and you feel at peace.

When you begin this new role it is time for them to go away.They have played their part in your life and now it is time for them to show another like you the way.You experience remorse,you feel sad,loneliness envelopes you and clings to you wherever you go.

Dont despair because Life goes on.However much you grieve,however hard you cry,however long you take to recover,in the end you realise you will survive.We all have our roles to play and in the course of this play called Life,people will come and go.They will leave memories and many of those will live with you.But you will not stop living,you will continue walking the road with pain in the beginning but with a smile when you remember all those who came along and left an imprint in your Heart.

To all those people out there if you are seeing this,i am glad i came across you and i will cherish those moments always.Thank you for helping me discover myself. ūüôā

It was my first day,
my journey had just begun,
slowly i stumbled forward,
hesitantly i walked towards.

I realised i was not alone,
i saw a shadow move along,
i was fearful and scared,
afraid of what was ahead.

I neednt have worried myself,
i shouldnt have feared so much,
my friend i saw by my side,
it took awhile to realise.

Confidence entered my veins,
steps were faster and we gained,
moments passed by quickly,
years went by so smoothly.

You taught me how to survive,
you showed me how to smile,
tears had no place inside,
as we walked side by side.

My heart grew stronger,
my spirit was lighter,
you became my mentor,
i called you my teacher.

One day you left abruptly,
not a word you said to me,
for days i was sad and lonely,
why did you do this to me???

You had to leave like you came,
without notice without a trace,
life moved on without you my friend,
i walked alone because it wasnt the end…


Terror… will it ever end???(13/07/11)

Åfter what happened  yesterday in Mumbai,i wonder whether life is really a joke for some people!!I wonder how someone can destroy lives in this way.That too innocent people who may be the sole supporters of their families.People who just want to live their own lives without causing harm to anyone.Life for them is a daily struggle.Now some of them may have left this world leaving behind their wives,children,parents and so many unfulfilled wishes.

The people who cause this terror may feel triumphant.But can they sleep in peace?Dont they have a conscience which will keep reminding them that what they did was wrong.What would they gain from all this?What are they trying to achieve?No one is safe anymore.

I pray for all families who lost their loved ones,all those who were injured,all those who witnessed this at close quarters and all those who survived.I want to see the old Mumbai back on its feet where we could walk through the streets without fear of being a victim of such violent attacks.

Our bodies may not survive but our spirits will remain strong.I am proud to be a Mumbaikar!!!


Just started watching this series which talks about people with special abilities. Be it someone who can see into the future,someone who can fly,a girl who is invincible,another person who literally can stop time.Seems quite far fetched and sheer fantasy but sometimes i feel perhaps this isnt so hard to believe.Maybe we have certain abilities which are hidden from ourselves.Someday it may just appear or may never. We all want to believe these things are possible however unrealistic they sound.We all want to feel different from the people around us.

People come and go but Memory Remains!!Actually,the people who have touched your life can never leave.You may not see them,speak to them or have any other kind of communication but in your heart they will always hold a special place.It is so easy to ask someone to go away from your life.At that moment you just blabber what comes to mind because you are angry,frustrated,irritated,insecure and perhaps feel you deserve someone better.As that moment passes things fall into place.There is remorse,regret,anger and you dont know what to do.

What goes comes back the same way.What you do is what you get in return.Sooner or later you may find yourself at the receiving end and that is when you will realise what it feels like to hurt.It is not always possible to think before you speak.But it is possible to prepare oneself for the consequences of our actions.

What you give you get back
So take my love just because it’s all I have
What you give you get back
So take my love just because it’s all I have
Take my heart take my soul
I just never want it back
Cause your love, your love is all I have
All I have
Love is all we have

Scorpions : What You Give You Get Back

Many times we come across people we perhaps dont like but still  tolerate  so as not to hurt their sentiments.But what about the fact that we actually dread coming across them be it online,in person or on telephone. It gets unbearable and there comes a point in time when we feel perhaps we are being too emotional. Why be so concerned and considerate when it actually takes a toll on us.What use is it if the person we are tolerating isnt someone we want in our already screwed up lives!!

All it takes is a firm,frank statement at the beginning itself so as to avoid getting into tricky situations which would never have occured in the first place. I myself have been in this situation and i find it painful and irritating at times.Thanx to my so called concern(as though i am here to save the world) i have been forced to become an agony aunt, a mentor,a shoulder to cry on etc..for all those people who are least bothered about what i feel.They are like wolves in search of their prey(me) when they are hungry(in need of  a willing/unwilling audience).Being Miserable is worse than saying No to someone.Though we must respect others sentiments and try not to hurt anyone intentionally,it also is necessary to be clear about what u feel when it comes to people who may be strangers inspite of claiming they are ur Best Friends!!

I have put my foot down now though late but its allright.Better Late Than Never. So all you people out there who have been looking out for me in times of distress,depression,advice u may not find me anymore……

A bus ride…

I was travelling by¬†bus today as usual in the warm afternoon.Generally it is a boring ride with uninteresting people lost in themselves but today turned out to be a little different.There was a lady sitting on the opposite side.I just happened to notice her eyes and well they scared the hell out of me.I hardly saw her blinking and she seemed more dead than alive.A thought passed my mind that if “Pet Sematary” was to be remade then she perhaps would be a great hit!!A girl sitting ahead of me was the unfortunate victim in this case..Because this woman seemed to actually be staring at her and i could make out that this girl was feeling quite intimidated.I wonder what was actually wrong with that woman.Was it lack of sleep,some tension,drugs,alcohol or perhaps she was completely normal!!I dont think i will ever know for sure but when i got of the bus i thanked my stars that i wasnt the person she was casting her eyes on…………

Impressions :)

“First Impression Is The Last Impression”, that is what is said and perhaps to a certain extent it is true.People tend to form an opinion¬†about an individual after meeting that person once.It may actually not be the right impression especially since it takes a long time to actually know someone.But unfortunately we humans have this tendency of judging a person critically.How they dress,talk,walk,smile,laugh,shake hands,how white their teeth are,how slim or fat they are all this seems to count and not to forget their footwear!!! Sounds strange but in the corporate world all this matters.

I have always wondered whether wearing a suit actually matters as long as the person wearing it is capable of presenting himself in a proper manner.We must wear decent clothes and not look shabby but that doesnot mean you roam around with a noose around your neck and feel as though any moment you will hang!! I agree everyone likes to look at well dressed individuals and also like to be looked upon as someone who dresses well.But if you are unable to match your outer appearance with your overall personality,it may get you nowhere.Imagine a well dressed man/woman whom you observe walking down the street and just when you decide he/she is definitely worth admiring, he/she starts abusing some passerby or perhaps someone on phone and that too loudly.Well,there goes your judgement and your First Impression.

There are times when you meet someone who is genuinely a good person but somehow you develop a strong dislike for that person in that first encounter.Then come what may it is very difficult to let go of those negative thoughts and try to see that person in a positive light.That actually is bad and may lead to you losing good friends or people who perhaps may actually be your wellwishers.It has happened with me too..Now i try to not judge people at all and instead try to let things unfold in their own sweet time.In due course you will realise and know better so you will be in a better position to be with or keep far away from such individuals.

Body language does matter and goes a long way in determining what exactly is playing on¬†a person’s mind.It is easy to lie especially those people whose entire life is based on false information.They lie because they are insecure,because they are scared of not being accepted,they fear rejection and prefer lying through their nose to be accepted but in the bargain they end up losing their identity.One Lie leads to a Thousand Lies and once you start lying,you can never retrace your steps unless you have courage enough to accept ur lies and undo the damage.Being Truthful is much easier as you donot have to pretend being someone else and instead you can be what you really are……..

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