The closed door




You shut the door when I wake,
Are you shutting yourself in,
Or locking me out?

The room, your haven, my hell,
The door, a sign of our distance,
Can you blame me for my sadness?

This life I share with you for better or worse,
Which is better and what is worse I know not,
I am at the edge, neither in nor out.

For us I strive to think positive,
I see happiness where ‘un’ is hidden,
Can I be called a pessimist in this negative place?

We are judged by the lives we lead or not,
The paths we pave a road for the future,
Do we exist for ‘us’ or for the ‘world’ ?

Try harder says my mind for what its’ worth,
Perhaps the door will open says my heart,
My reasoning in a quandary I struggle within.

People change, but some hold on ,
Refusing to accept their defeat ,
At the hands of destiny…


The Night Is Still Young…

Night has set in,
all are asleep in bed,
snoring and dreaming of unfulfilled wishes,
tossing and turning to be more comfortable.

Some are still awake eyes wide open,
sleep evading them inspite of the late hour,
dogs bark and howl marking their territory,
insomnia in full swing as the moon shines above.

In this age of computers and mobile phones,
sleeplessness isnt an issue but a boon to connect,
chatrooms are open for secret rendezvous,
unkown entities let loose their true nature.

Animal instincts wake up and confidence rises,
hidden identities unravel lust and desire,
no boundaries no laws just what you make yourselves,
hunger of the mind and body set free each night.

Guilty thoughts released into private space the blue nowhere,
this virtual paradise has more takers than reality,
no touch or feel just imagination and assumption,
they flow through screens to be with each other.

Every night of each day history repeats itself,
people change but thoughts still remain the same,
romance blooms and heartbreaks occur ever so frequently,
inspite of distance people hurt and lose in the bargain.

Still they continue hoping for the right person,
never realising there is a gap between real and virtual,
staring at the screen with bloodshot eyes but in anticipation,
never giving up what is just an act not some reaity.

Simply Me

If It Is To Be Me,It Is Upto Me“.An interesting saying with a lot of truth.But unfortunately for me,inspite of believing and realising the truth behind this simple thought,i tend to turn to others to know what i am.Wierd it is but that’s me.

We as humans lack nothing.We have looks,brains,attitude and yes we can communicate.Yet we find ourselves many a times in a situation where we are tongue tied.One of the main reasons i have understood or rather observed is we compare ourselves with those around us.These days so many of us have been fortunate enough to have got Quality Education.Engineers,Doctors,Architects,Scientists so on and so forth.But what i fail to understand is how much it actually helps us in being good Humans.Let me put it this way,when someone says he is a Doctor for e.g. does he say it with pride as in does he feel he has achieved something in life which perhaps isnt cakewalk or does he say it with humility just because he is being asked to.How many of us study because we wish to and not because we are forced to or because its something to boast about??Why do we look down upon people who are not as educated as we are??

I have known people who inspite of being not so highly qualified are successful in life.They may not be earning a high income but they are happy where they are and the main thing is they are doing something they are passionate about. Its so nice when you can do what you enjoy doing.It gives you satisfaction,peace,contentment and yes keeps you stress free!!!

This post is dedicated to those of my friends who have had the courage,the will,the strength and dedication to pursue what they desired….Hats off!!!

Do what you believe in,
Live the way you want to,
Chase your dreams and make the Reality,
Care not for what “They” say.

Those who understand will appreciate,
Those who dont will be jealous,
There will be thorns in your path,
“They” will make life miserable.

Dont give up just keep going,
Do your thing the way you know best,
The mirror will show the real you,
That is all that matters

Here and there

Sometimes i look around and wonder where i am,what am i doing here!!It is a strange feeling,like my mind blanks out completely and for a moment i am nowhere….It is scary to a certain extent because i have to bring myself back to Reality before i lose myself completely.It is not easy always and there are uncertainties in mind as to whether i really want to come back.

Someday perhaps i will choose not to come back,instead i may remain there,donot know how it would feel or what life would be,but it does not matter because that maybe the place where i really belong.

Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to? do you know?
Do you get what you’re hoping for?
When you look behind you there’s no open door
What are you hoping for?
Do you know?

Once we were standing still in time
Chasing the fantasies that filled our minds
You knew i loved you, but my spirit was free
Laughing at the question that you once ask me

Now, looking back in all we pass
We’ve let so many dreams just slip through our hands
Why must we wait so long before we see
How sad the answers to those questions can be!!!!

 Diana Ross :: Do you know where you are going to???