The show must go on…

I follow the throngs of people,
excitement in the air i breathe,
making our way slowly and in anticipation,
time stands still for a change.

I enter the hall and smile as i look around,
the curtain is drawn and the stage is empty,
i take my seat and take in the glowing scene,
waiting imaptiently for the show to begin.

Scorpions rocked me like a Hurricane last year,
U2 wowed me with their With or Without you,
Sting sang about a girl in Fields of Gold,
Iron Maiden shone with Hallowed be thy Name.

Then came Rush which was such a hit,
George Michael with Freedom made me swing,
more to come and i look forward eagerly,
counting days till i see the stage again.

The energy accompanying each performance,
the crowds going berserk with the beats,
the musicians pouring their heart out into the music,
the rhythm,the tune it will all repeat soon again.


Music for the Soul

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People come and go but Memory Remains!!Actually,the people who have touched your life can never leave.You may not see them,speak to them or have any other kind of communication but in your heart they will always hold a special place.It is so easy to ask someone to go away from your life.At that moment you just blabber what comes to mind because you are angry,frustrated,irritated,insecure and perhaps feel you deserve someone better.As that moment passes things fall into place.There is remorse,regret,anger and you dont know what to do.

What goes comes back the same way.What you do is what you get in return.Sooner or later you may find yourself at the receiving end and that is when you will realise what it feels like to hurt.It is not always possible to think before you speak.But it is possible to prepare oneself for the consequences of our actions.

What you give you get back
So take my love just because it’s all I have
What you give you get back
So take my love just because it’s all I have
Take my heart take my soul
I just never want it back
Cause your love, your love is all I have
All I have
Love is all we have

Scorpions : What You Give You Get Back