More than a month i spent with family and friends.Yet i feel i hardly was with them!!Time slips away so fast especially when you want it to slow down,to maybe stop and take a break.I have fond memories of this trip.Somehow it felt different from the earlier one.It could be because i have atlast grown up…

Being an only child has its disadvantages.You dont have someone to fight with,be jealous about,compete with,share some dark secrets so on and so forth.At these times when i am so far away from my parents i do wish i had a sibling. Perhaps he/she would be closer to my parents then.Wishful thinking i know.

Anyways i had a wonderful time and loved being pampered for a change.Eating my favourite foodstuff literally stuffing myself actually,shopping,sleeping and yes drinking in the sun.Yes sunshine is what i really miss.When you open your eyes in the morning after a nice night sleep all you need is the sun rays seeping in through the window and welcoming you into a new day.It gives you a feeling of wanting to dance,to smile,to hope for better things.A cloudy sky can be a real dampner.

All in all i just lived my life to the maximum when i was there….Now waiting for my next trip ūüėČ



Italy Pics….My clicks:)

¬†St. Peter’s Basilica – Vatican City

Another View


St. Peter’s afar


In St. Peter’s



 Another Altar


 Basilica Ceiling


 Basilica Ceiling Again




All Glitter

Inside Basilica



In Basilica 



 Holy Door



Marble like cloth



Confession Box







Inside Pantheon




 View From Room(Rome)


Temple In Lake


Statue in Park


Ana Capri Church




Floor work


Another View




Cinque Terra


Another Angle



Chocolates Anybody??

VeniceCanals and crowds





Back Home

After a week long vacation in Italy its good to be back.Had a great time there and as planned i managed to click some pics which i will publish soon(not sure how good or bad).Felt like i was back in India with all its chaos,ancient structures,crowded streets,narrow lanes,not so polite people but still a sense of belonging.Dint actually feel like a stranger because that is how those places welcome you.They take u in and accept you as a part of their flock.We managed to get lost in the confusing nameless streets of Venice and it was fun.The weather was good actually humid some days but nice and clear.To sum it all up a well spent vacation….