First snowfall of this season



The first snow of the season and it feels so good.The snow falling to the ground like talcum powder and sometimes like small white feathers.The children playing in the snow,making snowballs and hitting one another.Makes me want to join them and be a child again:).I guess its time to try and make a snowman!!!



More of Heaven(Norway)

Norway(close to heaven)




White is the colour of the day,
Snow is all i see today,
The streets are white,
The trees look fluffy,
The rooftops are covered,
The vehicles are buried.

As the wind blows,
The snow covered trees sway,
Tiny bits of snow fall gently,
Covering paths all the way.

I can see the sun shine,
The snow glittering,
It all seems like a dream,
Something surreal,amazing and pure!!