Just Like…


Just like the air we breathe but cannot touch,
just like the sun that shines but is so far,
i know you are there somewhere someplace,
far away in distance that i cannot reach.

The moon casts its humble light in darkness,
the stars twinkle in a clear cloudless sky,
my eyes wander through the streets aglow,
seeking what is no longer there.

Thoughts and memories never let me be,
reminding me what is no longer with me,
i push away those feelings which haunt me,
they resist and persist till they win over me.

Longing for a new life with no worries and sorrows,
i seek a better place where no one knows who i am,
this new place gives me hope and i cling to it tight,
leaving behind everything that once was mine.


Can’t get enough of Stadtwald ;)

Living in a city can be tiresome at times.You wish to perhaps be elsewhere in some quiet place with tress for company.Stadtwald for me is the perfect getaway and that too not so far from where we live.Have been there a couple of times and yet i feel there is so much more to explore.Now it is Autumn and the trees are shedding leaves.The leaves are turning yellow and sometimes red.It is amazing to observe Nature in all its glory.







Welcome to the Forest (Stadtwald,Frankfurt)