Time doesnt wait…

As i walk down memory lane,
i see myself smile and laugh,
simple pleasures make me cheer,
the person i see seems so dear.

She is a girl small and happy,
a daughter a child to her parents.
dancing and singing whole day long,
no fears no worries to tag along.

Now i see a maiden shy and demure,
head down she walks she is still pure.
she still smiles and laughs but consciously,
no longer she sings and moves cautiously.

She is a woman now with burdens to bear,
worries and troubles follow her here and there.
smiles are so few and she laughs no more,
she thinks of her family and frets some more.

Where is the child who laughed and sang,
danced and smiled no tears she cried.
Where is the maiden shy and hesitant,
gone is her charm smart but now distant.

Days and years and decades pass by,
her duties are complete and time goes by.
She can now sing and dance without worry,
but she is old and her feet disagree…


Moms and Maids…a typical Indian Household :)

It is morning a little after 9 am and as always Mother is in the kitchen busy preparing breakfast for us.In all households or i must say most households the scenario is the same.There is a clock on the wall and Mom keeps checking the time.As the clock keeps ticking She starts hurrying.It is almost time for the maid to arrive and the kitchen has to be free so she can do her work.Well, it isnt much she has to do but still she is the “Guest of Honour” every morning.She is actually not very punctual and there are days when she doesnt bother to come that too without leaving a word the previous day! Her daily work schedule involves sweeping the floor and then mopping it leaving water all around making things messier than before.The corners are left untouched and the furniture is hardly moved,yet she is indispensable.A day without her is like a great loss.She is pampered by my Mother who always gives her food that is whatever we are having on that particular day.It may sound like no big deal but on days when she doesnt turn up we end up with excess food.Its always good to feed someone in need no doubt but i wonder whether our maid deserves such attention.

In a workplace we all have to perform if we need that much needed “Paycheck“.A few days non performance will end up landing us the most dreaded “Pink Slip“. But in our maid’s case she somehow need not fear all this.She gets her payment on time without fail.She can skip work and not get penalised,bonus is guaranteed,regular increase in pay happens especially if she threatens to leave! I know it is back breaking work and u donot get to sit in an easy chair with the air conditioner on.But maids are capable of causing chaos in households if they are absent even for a day.

She is ever ready with gossip about neighbours,gets into fight in case we replace her services with another maid.She sometimes asks for an advance on her salary and we end up adjusting it each month which can mess with the accounts.In earlier days she demanded new clothes on Diwali(an auspicious festival known as festival of lights) but these days she is more fashionable than the women she works for.We can never think of giving her old clothes which may actually be in good condition.If u happen to see her outside you may perhaps not recognise her at all ;).Some maids these days refuse to accept food as they feel it below their dignity to carry the food packets.

When i was a child we had a maid who was so loving and took care of me when Mom was busy in household work.This was not part of her job but she did so out of love and care and gratitude towards our family.We could trust her with the kids or valuables but these days such maids are rare.Everything is weighed in money.It is a give and take that is each thing she does amounts to a certain sum of money.Though money may help you get a maid,you might as well have a robot who would atleast be a little more dependable!!!

Oh,it is late and the maid has not yet come.Is she not going to come today??Mother is fretting and peeping out of the window hoping to see her walk in.Some things never change and somehow i prefer these little things remain the same 🙂

Life,death and after…

The time had come,
to leave and go,
the time had come,
to play a new role.

The past may haunt me,
The future may scare me,
The present is passing by,
Oh!The clock is ticking why?

I was a bad person,
I hurt so many and lied,
I laughed when others cried,
I let myself stand and smile.

I did what i wanted to,
I cared not what it led to,
I was happy doing things,
I never wanted to let go.

The day came to face the world,
the day i had to face the truth,
The sins of yesterday stood up,
The past had caught up atlast.

Would anyone accept my story,
Would someone give me a chance,
Would i hold my head high,
Would i just suffer and die?

I waited for justice to be made,
I hoped for some respite from the shame,
I wished someone prayed for me to survive,
I dreamt that i would remain alive.

I opened my eyes after a long while,
I saw brightness so white,
I was just a spirit in the breeze,
I died and my soul became free.


Sometimes we all need space.We need to stay away from everyone.It maybe our parents,friends,lover.Its just that we need to be alone.We need time to meditate,time to just be with ourselves,away from this crazy world with all that gets on to our nerves quite so often.It is not easy to leave everything behind when there are people looking upto you for support,love,care,attention.But sometimes we need to do the unthinkable.We need to reach out and touch the sky,walk untrodden paths,go where no one has ever dared go,no destination,no aim just listening to our heart.

It feels as though someone has called you,whispered in your ear that you need to go away,walk away,leave everything and everyone behind.Crazy i may sound but those who have taken time to analyse oneself will agree with me.We all have this urge to chuck everything and start afresh.A handful may even venture but only the strongwilled carry on…

Life moves on and time mends but some wounds may never heal.It maybe because we dont want them to.We accept the pain,we live with it and as time progresses it becomes a part of us.


Alone in this World,
No one to call My own,
Loneliness my SoulMate,
Tears my only Solace.
Years pass by,
Time Flies,
Thoughts change as i grow Older,
And Life begins to seem brighter.

No More Sadness, No More Pain,
Only Happiness and Smiles I Gain,
Each Day is a New Beginning,
Mingled with a Tingling Feeling.

What will happen I dont Know or Care,
I Live for Today and do My Share,
Spreading Smiles, Holding Hands,
Lifting Spirits,Breaking Limits……..

I Gain a lot,I Lose a Lot,
I Care Not for what I Lost…



A new place,a new beginning,
Life has got a new meaning.
There are hardships,there are sorrows,
There are so many secrets to burrow.

Different people,a different culture,
They belong to a different structure.
There is sadness,there is pain,
A feeling of loneliness again nd again.

Trying hard to settle,
Not easy,tough a little.
But lucky to be here,
Meeting new people is a pleasure.

Friends,family are not so near,
But deep inside they are so dear.
Time to learn,time to absorb,
Time to gain and take off.