Time doesnt wait…

As i walk down memory lane,
i see myself smile and laugh,
simple pleasures make me cheer,
the person i see seems so dear.

She is a girl small and happy,
a daughter a child to her parents.
dancing and singing whole day long,
no fears no worries to tag along.

Now i see a maiden shy and demure,
head down she walks she is still pure.
she still smiles and laughs but consciously,
no longer she sings and moves cautiously.

She is a woman now with burdens to bear,
worries and troubles follow her here and there.
smiles are so few and she laughs no more,
she thinks of her family and frets some more.

Where is the child who laughed and sang,
danced and smiled no tears she cried.
Where is the maiden shy and hesitant,
gone is her charm smart but now distant.

Days and years and decades pass by,
her duties are complete and time goes by.
She can now sing and dance without worry,
but she is old and her feet disagree…


3 Ws :: What Women Want(A woman knows…)

Men will be Men..So anything which takes patience, money, care etc will be regarded as a pain all over.Women are a Mystery for them.I being a woman can say for sure that this isnt true.God created both Men and Women.There is got to be some similarities along with the differences which are highlighted so often!!

First of all let us try and clear our minds of all that we have heard,read,assumed about Women.There are jokes some of them quite cruel and pathetic,jibes about their dumbness(refers mostly to blondes),their dominating attitude and so on.

Can men survive without Women??Yes and No.We Humans be it Men or Women need someone to talk to,fight with,vent out our emotions to.It is always easier to share with a member of the opposite sex.You find it easier to open up.So Men do need Women for that.

All you Men out there,if you are reading this maybe it will help you understand your Woman(its ok if you dont understand your neighbour’s wife ;))

1. Attention Please : Women are extremely emotional especially when its going to be that dreaded time of the month.So it wont hurt to be a little more attentive,caring during those days.

2. I Love You : She likes hearing those 3 words over and over again.I know men may feel it doesnt really matter.Why not say it once in a while even if you feel words dont count.A smile on her face will tell you how much she treasures it.

3. Gift : Yes yes i can sense men raising their eyebrows and saying “There she goes”.I guess you are right unfortunately.She likes receiving gifts especially if they arent something she has begged,pleaded,asked for ;).It neednt be something very expensive like Platinum or Perfume ,even flowers will do.Gifts can be given not only on special days but even otherwise :).So head for the nearest florist or gift shop asap.

4.Time is Precious : Work pressure maybe more,there are deadlines that need to be met and there is the Boss you need to please to get that big Bonus.But just take a moment to think what  is all this for??You earn to live better,spend better and have all that you dream of.If that takes away those precious moments spent in your loved one’s company then do you really need it??Time can be divided and you can always make time for those who matter.Else what you lose can never come back.

5. Who’s the Boss : Women like to have the upper hand in Household Matters. They like doing things their way and it is justified.She looks after the house,keeps it neat and clean,looks after the kids and pets(if any) so she deserves to be the Boss at home.Accept it Men or you had it 😉

6. Mother vs. Wife : Men always compare their wives with their moms.Be it cooking,caring for or anything.Can any 2 individuals be the same?Not possible right.So stop comparing and see each as different and live happily ever after…

This World is made up of both sexes and nothing you do can change that.So why not let your Male Ego take a backseat and try to see things from a Woman’s Perspective.No harm done or do you feel you will lose your Dignity??Think it over and let me know.Am waiting…


A Mother is a woman who has conceived , given birth to, or raised a child in the role of a parent.This is what Wikipedia defines…But a mother is someone who is responsible for all of us being in this world.If it werent for “Her” we would never have been born.

It is a beautiful relationship which starts from the womb and continues till death.Having travelled around India and also some other countries,i have come across so many mothers.They may belong to different communities,religions but that is just manmade.A Mother is one of God’s Best Creation and will remain so.In Progressive countries Mothers may perhaps be ore like a friend but that doesnt mean she stops being a Mom.Children these days are being given more independence than earlier.It has its pros and cons.Freedom can be used or misused and it all depend on an individual.I have been raised in a family where parents have been a little conservative but at the same time given me freedom to explore.So i must say i have no regrets.

I always used to wonder why when a woman is pregnant she is given so much importance,care,respect.But i was so wrong in even thinking this.The very fact that a woman has conceived means she has decided and actually already accepted the responsibilities that will follow.She has decided to bring a new life into this world.A seed which will slowly grow nurtured by her love,her body,her everything.Everything she does will directly or indirectly be for her child.

Only a Mother can say what it feels like to conceive,what it feels like to have a baby.I may not be the right person to discuss or voice my opinion but i feel i can atleast share what i observed.Even now where i stay there is this children’s park facing my house and daily i see mothers come there with their kids.Toddlers,babies,prams a lot of laughter,screams,crying,fuss..Children falling,picking themselves up and falling again,mothers watching but not interfering(its best that way),expecting Mothers exchanging tips with experienced Mothers.Its great seeing them all in one place performing their roles and enjoying every bit.

I feel sad for all those mothers and kids who are unable to spend time together.Working Mothers perhaps they have no choice or maybe they feel they can manage both easily.I have seen children grow up in Daycare or perhaps in the care of their Grandparents.They may seem happy and not bothered about where they are or where they belong,but maybe some day they may realise what they have missed.Their growing up years are crucial,it is then that they can be moulded,their thinking process begins then.But each parent has his/her own reason for not being there.

I have been lucky to have had my Mother always since the time i was born.So i know how it feels to have her waiting for me when i came back from school,with a hot meal consisting of all i loved to eat,listening to all that happened in class however boring,watching me eat and talkwith my mouth full.I remember seeing her stand in the balcony while i used to go to school,and also when i came back.She would be there standing by the door smiling while i ran up the stairs.I can see all this so clearly even now after all these years and it touches my heart.

I may have not said in all these years what i feel for her but some feelings are understood some words need not be said.I have seen how some kids treat their Mothers and it pains me but there is nothing i can do.But i take pride in the fact that i may have rarely said or done anything intentionally or unitentionally to hurt my Mom.

Wonder how women have the heart to abandon their children however bad the circumstances.Why give birth when u cannot nurture or take care of your child.There are so many women who are unable to conceive due to various reasons,on the other hand there are women who easily give up their child.Irony at its best.

I remember a lesson from our school textbook titled “My Mother is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World“.It is about a small child lost in a village and when she is asked to describe her Mother she says “My Mother is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World“.So all the beautiful woman are brought in front of the child.But none of them turn out to be her Mother.In the end a stout peasant woman comes forward and the child rushes upto her.Then the villagers realise that for a child her Mom is always Most Beautiful…..


Something about them makes us want to Be With Them and at the same time Keep As Far Away From Them As Possible.Strange but most women would agree with me in this regard.having studied in a co-ed school i have come across all kinds of men(then boys).Till they attain Adolescence,they are comfortable speaking to girls.But then things begin to change.It maybe because they start looking at girls in a different manner or perhaps its their hormones going Haywire!!!Well,whatever it is it does tend to make them quite uncomfortable and yes not to forget their voice buds undergoing a change which leads to a croaking sound whenever they try to speak(its funny for us but not for the..poor thing).

Then comes the stage when all they want is to have a girl to show off..And mind you it has to be some chic and not some homely simple girl(sister or motherly is what i mean).There is always a competition as to who will get the best or rather the hotttest chic!!!

Then comes the stage when they have to start earning and settle down.Have a family – wife,kids and a packahe deal which includes in laws,cousins,friends and God knows how many people……..This is when a man starts getting restless,when he starts actually thinking what he has done and what he deserves.If he looks in the right direction,then life goes on,if not ……………God save him!!!!

Men want their wives/life partner to be understanding,compromising,adjusting,persevearant.At the push of a button she must satisfy his every need,it doesnot matter if she actually isnt upto it or unwilling.She maybe a working woman,a mother but she should also be a good Housekeeper,available at his beck and call.No matter what she does or how good she is at her work,she is always at fault.And ofcourse the numerous jokes at her cost(you get it on the net always – most are aimed at women esp. wives). It is sad and i can feel it because i am a woman…

Men have so much of Ego that they just cannot think ok women as equals.There is always a clash and that leads to arguments and misunderstandings.But there are men who donot belong to this category. Men who respect women,appreciate them,regard them as equals and treat them well. Though the percentage may not be that high,they do exist and i must say i am lucky in this regard :). Life becomes so much easier when two people living under the same roof are able to see eye for eye.After all we all are Humans and we need to remember that.Life is all about Living In Harmony and Co-existing inspite of all our Differences

 Men you need to Remember…If not for women you wouldnt be in this world.So learn to appreciate them and accept the fact that they too are equally capable of doing activities which you claim is not a Woman’s Job!!!