Life is a game you win some and lose,
players are many without a referee,
you cheat,you betray,you kick,you kill,
you fight,you lie,you try,you cry.

It is exciting and full of adventure,
each day unfolds with new surprises.
Time is priceless and moves quickly,
each moment is used preciously.

Love comes and captures your imagination,
your heart beats wildly beyond comparison.
Emotions galore and the world to explore,
thoughts so many words cannot control.

Life takes on a new meaning,
love gives it a new beginning.
Desire,passion engulfs us sometime,
fantasies,dreams become reality.

The road is full of stones and thorns,
the path is untrodden and unknown.
Carefully you tread through darkness,
make your way towards the light.

Life has its mysteries and suspense,
it plays pranks and drives you to madness.
Still you move forward with a will,
look back at your own peril.

One misstep and you lose a turn,
wait for ages to start your own.
Try try and try till the finish,
fall,get up and move till you perish.


Keukenhof(Holland) : Tulips Paradise

Its well known for its tulips which bloom in springtime.Its a world famous park with well maintained gardens and each year tourists from all over the world visit this place.Having gone there just a few days back,i would like to share some photos.