I Learnt…

  1. you may do good things in life but one bad thing you do will undo all the good things you have done.
  2. you may love someone wholeheartedly but you still end up losing him/her,that’s life’s irony.
  3. the best way to be happy is to remain detached from all those you care about.Then there would be no pain if they ever go away.
  4. you lose more than you gain yet each small gain makes you proud and inspires you to carry on trying.
  5. you have to fight your own battles,struggle to achieve,fall and pick yourself up.There maybe someone to support you but still you stand alone.
  6. none of us are saints and we are all here to survive.So,first think about how you can do good within before trying to clean the mess outside.
  7. not all days are good and exciting.You must find ways to pep up your spirit so that your day moves smoothly.
  8. you may not wake up to see the sun rise tomorrow.Live today like it is your last day on this planet.
  9. you may have many friends and it is always a pleasure to have them around.But sometimes when you need someone you still may find no one to stand by you.Don’t fret just smile and face whatever comes your way.
  10. advice is always given without being asked.No one can understand what you are going through and no one really cares.
  11. never believe completely in anyone except yourself.
  12. when faced with a challenge remind yourself to Hope for the best and Prepare for the worst.
  13. money makes people’s attitude change.Don’t let it come in the way of your relationships or you stand to lose people who really matter.
  14. find someone who understands you and share even your deepest secrets and fears.You may find yourself relieved and content.
  15. Last of all Don’t lie unless you have no choice.

Together we are…



Alone i walk together we can fly,
alone i can smile together we laugh,
alone i can remain together i want to be,
alone i can quit together we can fight.

Alone i will crumble together we can bind,
alone i will fall together we can stand,
alone i am weak together we are mighty,
alone i am small together we stand tall.

Alone i will frighten together we will be strong,
alone i may falter together we will strive,
alone i am just a woman together we a team,
alone i may lose hope together we can build.

Alone i was earlier together we are now,
alone i started life together we make ours,
alone i fought my battles together we made peace,
alone i cannot survive together i want to always be.

He is…

Original Image : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ropemonkey/3418110715/

He is a man like none born before,
unique,strange,crazy and still so human.
Breaking through shackles of society and humanity,
he is a man who truly is meant to be.

Where all run after money,fame and prosperity,
he chose freedom from greed and desire and connectivity.
There are many who speak of detachment and spirituality,
he is alone and believes in his ideals and sincerity.

Wisdom,virtue,intellect all big words from the wise,
he speaks what his heart says and not what they advice.
When everyone wants to look smart and hold their heads high,
he walks without a care about what people think of him.

All speak as though they know it all,
he responds when he feels like no matter what they say,
We beg for attention,hope for some reaction,
he is immune to sarcasm and smiles when they rebuke.

Is he for real or just some character in fiction,
was he born in this world or above where heaven is.
All i know is what i see and observe,
he is for real and no man like him can be.

Colour Me Pretty

Browns,reds,purple and maroon,
seem not so appealing i know,
years ago they were in vogue,
times have changed they are now old.

Rainbow has just seven colours,
nails can have millions of variations,
shades for every lady and dame,
flaunt them and feel like a queen.

Shades of blue make me smile,
violets seem soothing to my eyes,
yellows and orange pull me closer,
dare i try them i stand and ponder.

Black is dark and not all carry it well,
gives a new meaning to hands and feet.
Greys are dull unless with some shimmer,
whites are for manicures and need some care.

Pinks are always around to please you,
neons are attractive and good for a tease.
Greens come in light and dark shades,
pleasant and elegant for the fair maiden.

For more sparkle add a little glitter,
select some stickers and go crazy.
Stars and moons and all the galaxy,
nails never before looked so cosmic.

Alas nails are just ten on hand and feet each,
i wish to try all but they are out of reach.
One colour a day is now my new mantra,
one on hand and another on my feet!!

I miss you so…

Do i make you smile?
does it help you feel better….
i wish i could know!!

When i meet you outside my door,
it makes me so glad…oh yes it does.

It’s been so long now,
since i saw you outside my door
that i feel so alone…

when i knock at your door,
i hope you would open it,
but you are not there…

Where have you gone,
won’t you come back to me,
please say you would.

i will be there,
i won’t ever leave you,
you can believe me.

Someone has come where you once lived,
but they cannot replace what you meant.

So long oh long………..since you are gone…….
I miss you so…i miss you so…i miss you so

Torn and Mended









Born a innocent child naive and fragile,
not knowing what life meant at all,
crawling,holding,walking step by step,
watching the world with anticipation.

Fate had something else in store,
hands which held were not in support,
touched,fondled,caressed unknowingly,
innocence was lost forever so suddenly.

Growing up was more a fear than exciting,
what was happening was not fun but frightening,
each step was hesitant,each move full of caution,
unseen corners held objects so disgusting.

Silently suffering praying for it to end,
wondering was this real and would it ever end.
Cursing and crying pleading for it to stop,
nothing worked,the devil had found a cause.

Strength comes from within in times like these,
life is for living inspite of such ugly beasts.
Nature has unique ways of healing slowly,
time helped in mending the wounds fully.

Alive or dead…

I fear the nights these days,
the darkness looms over me everyday.
Days somehow pass by,
nights stretch so, I know not why.

The thought of lying in bed scares me,
my eyes refuse to shut and sleep fails me.
Tired I maybe but I remain awake,
I stare ahead waiting for daybreak.

A few winks I manage each night,
but I wake up weak and troubled by.
What is it I think or feel??
that makes me distressed and without sleep??

I search around for a solution,
I look around for some explanation.
Friends worry and family is concerned,
nothing I say or do gives them satisfaction.

I drag my feet through each passing day,
I hope and pray someone shows me a way.
Whatever is said doesn’t go in my head,
my mind refuses to accept i am dead…

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