Natural Beauty



Lake Constanz(Bodensee)



Rhine Falls(Switzerland)







There is so much happening around us,so much to see,to observe to feel.If you look around you can hear the birds singing perhaps calling out to their mate or maybe assuring their young ones not to worry. The trees swaying in the breeze,the leaves rustling and taking in the sun rays and at the same time protecting us. The poor howling¬†dog in the neighbour’s house who has been left alone and doesnt seem to like it a bit!! The squirrel prancing around from branch to branch in search of food.The cat lying in wait of the mouse which is smart enough not to come out of its hole.The humming of the bees,the flapping of wings its all there in front of our eyes.The busy ants carrying a heavy load effortlessly and with discipline(the armed forces can learn a thing or two from them), the spider spinning its web which isnt as easy as it sounds,it keeps falling and has to start all over again but never gives up.The dew drop on the flowers in the early morning which shines like a diamond due to the sun rays,the eagle diving down in elegance to catch the fish from the ocean.

How many of us may have actually noticed all these nature’s wonders?? Some of us may have perhaps as photographers trying to capture a perfect shot, as so called bird lovers trying to protect them!!, as a bored person not knowing what else to do. I must say i have done all this.I am no photographer nor do i claim to be a protector of the Meek, i am just an ordinary Human trying to observe all that is happening around me.You may say i have perhaps no other work so i can afford to spend time in all this.Perhaps you are right but i am glad i have this oppurtunity.I am happy to be able to See,Feel,Hear and Respond to all that is meant to be absorbed.Its a Lesson we can learn if we wish to,its about trying and not Losing Hope,smiling through pain,Trusting each other,Healthy Competition for Survival and not for Destruction.

Most of us Love having a cup of Tea or Coffee at the start of the day.But very few of us have time enough to relish it,drink slowly,relax,take a deep breath,maybe spend some quality time with our loved ones exchanging thoughts, sharing our ideas, watching our children run around the house like warriors chasing Enemies or something as Beautiful as gazing into our spouse/partner’s eyes and getting Lost in each other without any worries,tension,stress about the upcoming meeting,appraisal,confrontation with the Boss,fear of being given the dreaded Pink Slip!!!

We have one Life to live so why cant we do what we desire instead of regretting later on.