Its funny how i cling to someone for my happiness.He may not even be aware of how i feel but i guess its best he doesnt realise it. Its a relief speaking to him,as though he is all i have in this Mad Mad World. Its just that unknowingly i have started depending on him for my joys,my pleasure,my smile,my laughter.

Wierd is how i call myself.Queer perhaps not in the sexual sense but otherwise. I always thought of myself as a loner,someone who doesnt fit in any group,who doesnt follow the rules,who prefers following her mind than others(Society) thoughts. But at the same time i have always yearned for love,attention,care,appreciation and at times a little pampering ;).. Is that wrong??Am i not entitled to my share of emotions,feelings??I am for sure and that is precisely why i am dependant.I know its not right and it causes more pain than needed but at the same time i have my moments of pleasure,solace.

Its like drifting away along with the wind,no sense of direction,no fear,no time limit just free floating. Haha,no drugs are required for this,all you need is a stress free mind,a complete understanding of oneself and the will to take a chance. Simple isnt it??Yes,it is and once you have all this in place all you have to do is flow…………………….

Chance and Choice


We all have a chance,
A chance to live,
We all have a life,
Full of dreams…

The day we are born,
We have a choice,
To survive or die….

As kids we play,
We tease,we stray,
As teenagers we lie,
We fake and try.

As we grow older,
We again have a choice,
A choice to smile,
To risk and fly high.
The choice may be wrong,
The moment may be gone,
But we still have a chance,
To look back or move on.

Looking back we mourn,
Moving on we hope,
Hope for better days,
Hopes keep us Alive…………..


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