The Night Is Still Young…

Night has set in,
all are asleep in bed,
snoring and dreaming of unfulfilled wishes,
tossing and turning to be more comfortable.

Some are still awake eyes wide open,
sleep evading them inspite of the late hour,
dogs bark and howl marking their territory,
insomnia in full swing as the moon shines above.

In this age of computers and mobile phones,
sleeplessness isnt an issue but a boon to connect,
chatrooms are open for secret rendezvous,
unkown entities let loose their true nature.

Animal instincts wake up and confidence rises,
hidden identities unravel lust and desire,
no boundaries no laws just what you make yourselves,
hunger of the mind and body set free each night.

Guilty thoughts released into private space the blue nowhere,
this virtual paradise has more takers than reality,
no touch or feel just imagination and assumption,
they flow through screens to be with each other.

Every night of each day history repeats itself,
people change but thoughts still remain the same,
romance blooms and heartbreaks occur ever so frequently,
inspite of distance people hurt and lose in the bargain.

Still they continue hoping for the right person,
never realising there is a gap between real and virtual,
staring at the screen with bloodshot eyes but in anticipation,
never giving up what is just an act not some reaity.