Our journey… 13 glorious years

As we celebrate our anniversary today I would like to make a special mention of someone who helped us in those days when we were just getting to know each other. She is a very special friend who encouraged and supported me when i was still unsure. I still remember and treasure her presence on my wedding day and the night before. Even though we perhaps are unable to converse as frequently as we used to then, I know for sure you are around. Thank you dear for being there always 🙂


Our paths crossed for the first time,
I wanted was to get this over with,
Mind was elsewhere,thoughts strayed,
Unprepared to share my life with you.

Soon I realised how wrong I was,
I mistook intellect for simplicity,
As we got to know each other better,
I realised you were the one for me.

Marriage took us on a new journey,
A memorable and tumultuous ride ,
The birth of our baby ,a new chapter,
A process of learning,revelation, bliss.

As we celebrate this amazing adventure ,
I thank all who helped bring us together,
People who still stand by us at all times,
Through ups and downs, highs and lows.

Happy Anniversary to us dear,
May God shower us with blessings always.