What changed???


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This post is something i have personally observed and experienced. People who once forgave and forgot now dig into the past. Mistakes which once were taken as just that are now regarded as crimes. Its pointless to continue such a relationship where all are being selfish and unforgiving.


Few years ago we were young, innocent,                    Fresh out of school, a protected environment,
Not sure what to expect, shy, scared,curious,
That’s how we all met as strangers .

Friendship came easily ,we shared the same feelings,
We moved together, joked and had fun,
Different by nature, similar by attitude,
It was a perfect mix of the rogue and beauty.

Our paths crossed again after years,
We renewed that fiery combination with zest,
Caught up on our lives, exchanged stories,
Appraised each other, compared our girth.

What does it take to keep going as before,
A little tolerance, a pinch of acceptance,
Loads of maturity, a heart that forgives,
But most of all a desire to maintain the relationship.

Do we have all this or is this too much to ask?
Is our bond worth the efforts we are putting in?
Isn’t it easier to walk away before we hurt someone?
Or are we too selfish to accept our shortcomings?

None want to be judged, none like to be corrected,
Misunderstandings, false promises, fake sympathies,
Defending our faults and holding others responsible,
All led to the undoing of what could have been a wonderful beginning.