Oasis or Mirage

I walked through the desert,
throat parched lips dry heat killing me
i saw something shining in the distance,
something flowing had i found an oasis?

Crawling on all fours i made my way painfully,
the sand pulling me in i have no strength to fight back,
the sun casting its powerful rays all over me,
i would surely perish here i thought.

I look out towards the horizon once more,
eyes searching for some sign of life where none exist,
my feet burning while scorpions stung me,
i am losing all sense as i make my way slowly.

There comes a camel rider so high and regal,
will he be my saviour in this scorching heat,
i wait in anticipation as he comes closer,
but alas what i saw was a trick not reality.

The oasis i saw was just a mirage,
an illusion meant to confuse and upset me,
conquering my disappointments and my protesting body,
i step forward once again in search of an Oasis.


Through thick and thin

Some relationships are taken for granted.Only when the person concerned is distant you realise what he/she means to you.People who are around you always and actually care are sometimes ignored and people who seem least concerned are always on your mind.It is strange but true.It took me years to acknowledge and accept how much i need him(My dear Husband) in my life.I guess our shift to a new place helped in strengthening our bond.

So long since i have known you,
can still remember those initial days,
started of as friends turned into lovers,
a journey which is meant to continue for long.

Time has passed and so much has changed,
a life of roses and thorns has begun,
carefully picking up pieces of our past,
we have gone through a lot since then.

Earlier everything we both took for granted,
all that was handed to us without asking,
parents supported and stood by us always,
a comfortable existence wihout too much strife.

One day we found ourselves all alone,
away from the care and attention of our family,
caught in a place which scared us a little,
strength we had to find from within.

Slowly we built our nest in this new country,
struggling against all odds to adjust and live,
falling and rising and falling again,
holding hands for suport while we settled in.

As life became simpler we understood better,
less of arguments and more of mature discussion,
silence once uncomfortable became acceptable,
sitting together quietly we exchanged our views.

You have been my saviour and my honest supporter,
inspite of few words your actions say it all,
a day without you seems so depressing and tough,
in you i found everything and i love you so much…


The touch of a child…

Women as far as i have noticed love kids.Be it their own or someone else’s. Though i belong to the same sex have never felt as close or attracted to children in the past.I know they are cute,adorable but on many occasions i have found myself in a very uncomfortable position when in close proximity with kids. I just am helpless and don’t know what to do!!!All this changed when my darling nephew came home.He is just a little above 2 years old and not as naughty as many kids.His talks,his gestures infact everything about him made my heart melt. That was when i realised what it means to be around a kid.He is now back home and we all miss him so much.Each day i think about him,his small hands,his very own pronunciation which we sometimes mimic.Thank you my dear for making me feel somthing i never knew i had within.


Sleepy after a long flight and shy too,
you clung to daddy and refused to come to us,
crying to go home you broke our hearts so,
we were waiting so long for you my darling.

Soon you settled in and made us smile,
running around without a break in the house,
pooping, peeing in your diapers letting daddy know,
every little thing you did was so endearing.

Your wake up calls meant day had set in,
breakfast and tea soon please you seemed to say,
no fuss in eating it was so easy to feed you,
we were in awe of you my sweet sweet nephew.

Fireman Sam on the Ipad was your favourite passtime,
you knew most of the characters in the series,
Sam Please you said and it was an order to switch on,
complete concentration on screen when it was playing.

The sounds you made of a rocket,firetruck was so cute,
the roar of a lion so loud when you were in mood,
rickshaws,cars and buses you loved to see passing by,
a whole new world you showed us in those few days.

I loved to feed you and sit beside just observing you,
wanting to hug and play with you whole day,
grandpa and grandma poured all their love on you,
your affection for daddy so complete and emotional.

Now you are back to the place you call home,
your innocence,your laughter still resonating here,
our hearts hold memories abundant and so priceless,  
you are just the child i hope to bear some day …


This World i live in…

This is a world full of corruption,
all around i see chaos and greed,
no one to question the long expanding arms of destruction,
its vileness spreads boldly without obstruction.

Everything is for sale including oneself,
money speaks paving a way towards false pride,
the rich get richer and they seem unstoppable,
life never was so uncertain and unpredictable.

Need a job, a well connected relatives can help,
poor grades are no longer scorned upon,
father has enough clout to get me a seat,
education has no value and merit is no big deal.

Hard work and honesty no longer rewarded or appreciated,
please your superiors and gain favours effortlessly,
who cares about intelligence and originality,
duplication with sly modifications can do the trick.

Ambitions and goals were never so easily attainable,
sharp ears for gossip can gain more trust than work,
be the good guy who always smiles and talks sweet,
willingly become a donkey but one which doesn’t bray.

Cannot lick asses or tamper with accounts,
unable to cheat or tolerate dishonesty and misappropriation,
feel frustrated when the underserving are promoted,
Alas you donot belong here my good friend!!!

My very own “Serial Queen”…

We all have our weaknesses.Some of us love eating,some enjoy gossiping 😉 , the more polished perhaps try to imitate thier more sophisticated friends.Then there are those who claim to be away from all such vices but pride themselves in the fact that they are different.Aren’t we all different in some way or the other??

One such person doesn’t believe so much in gossip unless it is pertaining to someone in the film world or the television series universe.Imagine keeping tag of screen names,real names,family details,affairs and what not.I find it quite extraordinary and commendable though not exactly worth being proud of. Remembering so much is a real task especially since there are so many actors these days that i have lost count long back.The person i am referring to is none other than my very own ma-in-law 🙂 . Someone whom i have been observing since the day i got married. A day hasn’t gone by when i haven’t seen her glued to the television screen.It is an addiction to such an extent that it dominates her entire schedule.From household chores to eating to anything else,all of it is adjusted according to the programme timings.Each series has its own sick drama and unheard of antics.Most of them have been running since the last 3-4 years!! I wonder how people have so much patience to set everything aside and devote their time to this idiot box!!!

Its 7 am and the day is just begun,
alarms are ringing and birds chirping,
here the television is on and fully awake,
regaling someone half asleep yet so keen.

In between there are some advertisements,
time to make tea and breakfast too,
adjusting it all and not missing anything,
running between rooms and making record time.

Changing channels every half hour to catch some more,
remembering what shows when without skipping a beat,
drama in all households with some evil characters,
impossible feats being performed with the ease of a natural.

Makeup,gaudy clothes,dyed hair and so on,
young look old and old try hiding their age,
deaths and births and on public demand rebirth,
all the unthinkable occurs here each day.

I sit wondering when it all will end,
looking at the clock hoping time would run,
no patience to even watch for a few seconds,
cursing all those responsible who cause this sick addiction.



A namesake survivor…


He was a young man once,
with dreams and desires like all of us,
hoping to achieve something someday,
wishing to reach the moon.


His life changed,he got married,
dreams took a backseat,money came first,
leaving home in search of green pastures,
thoughts of family always on his mind.


Kids were born but he was hardly around,
seeing them once in a while as he worked so hard,
striving to survive and prosper for their better future,
waiting in desperation to go back for good.


Children all grownup and settled with family,
wife ill and unable to move around much,
he came back to chaos and so much uncertainity,
after years of struggle he wished for peace of mind.


He found himself looking after his grandkids,
running around even though not young anymore,
brushing away his own pain and agony,
he smiled and managed it all.


So old now he can hardly move on his own,
still trying to look after himself without any help,
in times like these when children should be beside,
he is all alone, a survivor in this bad,cruel world!!!


A road to nowhere…


I was going along the road,
where i didn’t want to go,
my footsteps sounding all along,
i was walking since so long.

Along the way i found you,
you were lost and i felt sorry for you,
come don’t you cry said i,
we will go together along this road.

I took  your hand and showed you the way,
you smiled and we laughed all along the way,
suddenly i saw the end of the lane,
and i realised we both were insane.

We had reached dead end,
i knew not what i must do,
lost and hungry and so dizzy,
you blamed me and were so angry.

Why did you do this to me you asked,
i was better off without you before,
you walked away without looking back,
then i knew our bond was a thing of the past.

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