My Little Princess

You came into our lives,
One early morning at the break of dawn,
My heart skipped a beat,
As I held you in my arms.

Our lives changed completely,
Days flew like the wind,
There was just the two of us,
Now we are a family.

Your cries so loud defy your size,
You attained fame in a short while,
Lending your voice to the babies’ choir,
You are a true born leader.

Pacifying you is a trick needing practice,
You are inconsolable when bawling,
No toy, no pacifier will have any effect,
What must we do to calm you!

You smiled for the first time,
Your eyes lit up with joy,
Your toothless grin unmatchable,
Your innocence so adorable.

No matter we fail to please you,
You reward us with an endearing smile,
All the agony your cries give us,
Vanish in an instant like magic.

You are mummy’s pet,
Daddy dotes over you,
Grandparents rock you to sleep,
Darling you are my little baby girl.