I take off

I see myself up in the sky,
Soaring high against the wind,
Everything seems tiny like dots,
I rise above the earth higher.

The birds with their flapping,
The planes, their deafening sound,
All feel superior and proud,
High up where no one else follows.

Peace surrounds me as I soar,
No care in the world to burden me,
My mind so clear I can see through,
The clouds caressing me as I fly.

I care not where my wings take me,
The sky unlimited, uninhabited, pure.
The golden rays sparkling in my eyes,
May this day never come to an end.



A living…

I see the sun rising in the sky,
A display of pink, orange hues,
A new day has dawned once again,
Its good to be alive.

The chirping of the birds a harmony,
The aroma of fresh coffee,
The wind gently teasing the leaves,
Its good to be alive.

I walk taking in fresh morning air,
Breathing in the smells of flowers, earth,
Greeted by furry pets straining against their leash,
Its good to be alive.

Forgetting all worries, fears, aches,
Drowning my sorrow in the new day,
I smile to myself as memories play in mind,
Its good to be alive.

Perhaps this day will be better,
My mind positive my thoughts cheerful,
A hope building within as my heart swells,
Its good to be alive.

In this dark silence

Sometimes when i sit alone,
In this silence which is deafening,
My thoughts take a ride to nowhere,
Perhaps am not as sane as i feel.

I hear a wind chime swaying gently,
The breeze giving it a teasing nudge,
The night is different yet nothing changed,
My mind still wanders here and there.

What if i weren’t alone in this room,
Surrounded by people known or not,
Their laughter creating an atmosphere,
Of liveliness in this lifeless existence.

Would there be joy for the moment,
Would their presence bring some clarity,
Will this loneliness wipe away,
Will I feel alive once more.

For all the togetherness I so desire,
For all the despair in my heart,
Is there someone listening I wish,
Will there be light where darkness thrives.

Virtual Reality…

I see people around me everyday. The same faces at times and yet no sign of recognition. Perhaps its my face which doesnt seem familiar or is it my eagerness to make friends?

I miss those days when friends would meet, laugh, spend hours blissfully unaware of parents worry. Am i too old for all that or perhaps i belong to another era ;). 

A thought of what has been lost and what i miss…


I sit staring at the screen for a response,
Waiting for any random silly forward,
Desperation and eagerness overlap,
How real or virtual am I??

Conversation replaced by chat,
Remembering numbers a thing of the past,
A click and I see you waving from Mars,
How real or virtual am I??

Reminders set to alert birthdays, anniversaries,
Calendars missing from homes and offices,
Tap to see your best friend’s new hairdo,
How real or virtual am I??

Forgotten to buy a gift for a party today,
Shop online, gift wrapped, at your doorstep,
The courier guy a known face to you,
How real or virtual am I??

Movies, music, videos and lot more,
Effortless viewing from your favourite couch,
Search and a million options available,
How real or virtual am I??

Paperless is acceptable but is friendless too,
The contact , a hug online , a miss u look,
A boon or curse, a make believe world,
How real or virtual am I??

This place I call Home…

Its always difficult to leave the one place you feel at home in. For me my parents house has been the home i am attached to. I was born here, grew up here and now i visit as often as i can. All theses years of being away haven’t made it any easier for me to leave this place. I go back tomorrow and i wish i could really squeeze some more time out of this day.




Been so long since i got married,
Leaving the home i was born in,
It never really stops hurting,
The memories always bring tears.

My childhood of security and innocence,
Confined in these four walls lay hidden and safe,
The stories these boundaries can tell are innumerable,
The life i lived in my sweet home is a treasure.

Slogging during exams, relaxing in breaks,
Reading, writing, memorising all under this roof,
Tears of joy, moments of sadness, agonising days,
My home has seen it all and more.

I gaze at the ceiling and find,
My whole life replayed in parts,
Here i have lain weak and in pain,
This home has given me strength again.

Each time i come home is a celebration,
Of memories, of my existence, my life,
A sense of belonging i find nowhere else,
I am what this place has given me.

We remember people, occasions, incidents,
Laugh at jokes, cry at movies, enjoy with friends,
I sit here in this place alone staring into space,
This place where i will always belong.

Once again i have to leave my treasure,
Unguarded yet safe and awaiting my return,
My eyes well up with memories and moments,
I will be back soon to cherish my life again.


Many of us may feel awkward in crowded places. Its like you don’ t belong or perhaps you feel out of place. You try your best to fit in, to enjoy but try as you might you just can’t. I belong to this category of people and it gets difficult at times. I feel sad and left out but just try to shrug it off as a bad moment. Its easy for people to advise especially when they have no clue about what you are going through. I prefer to smile and pity such fools. Some of us aren’t crowd friendly so just accept it 😉


In a crowd i feel alone,
A feeling i don’t belong,
People talking, laughing ,
I sit quietly observing all.

Music playing through speakers,
I want to get up and dance to the beats,
I may end up being laughed at or rebuked,
Or perhaps applauded and cheered on.

I see colour everywhere my eyes wander,
Reds, blues, greens a dash of golden too,
Women decked up, drawing attention,
Admiring glances thrown their way.

Children run about free from restraint,
Parents take a break from discipline,
Oblivious to all the happenings ,
In a world of their own creation.

In the midst of all this chaos,
Here i am still feeling aloof,
Inspite of interesting goings on,
An invisible entity, a silent spectator.


My sweet little toddler

IMG_20151114_153313Just yesterday i held you in my arms for the first time.
You were so tiny, i feared hurting you by my very touch.
All you did was make sounds and noises we struggled to understand.
Now you converse and express yourself easily.

Wasn’t it a few days ago that you crawled all around the house.
The floor spotless and free of anything that might interest your mouth and hands.
Today you walk with ease and run at a pace we cannot even match up,
You laugh at our inability to catch up.

We mashed up stuff to make it simpler for our darling toothless baby.
A teeter always handy in the fridge to ease your slowly growing teeth.
Now you eat crispy stuff and bite with relish as we watch in wonder,
How time has flown since you came into our lives.

I see you walking ahead alone, my heart skips a beat.
I want to hold your hand firmly,stop you from running in case u trip and fall.
You turn back and smile and i know for sure you still are my tiny loving baby girl.

As you take another step into this magical world,
Wish you all the best in this journey called Life.

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