In this dark silence

Sometimes when i sit alone,
In this silence which is deafening,
My thoughts take a ride to nowhere,
Perhaps am not as sane as i feel.

I hear a wind chime swaying gently,
The breeze giving it a teasing nudge,
The night is different yet nothing changed,
My mind still wanders here and there.

What if i weren’t alone in this room,
Surrounded by people known or not,
Their laughter creating an atmosphere,
Of liveliness in this lifeless existence.

Would there be joy for the moment,
Would their presence bring some clarity,
Will this loneliness wipe away,
Will I feel alive once more.

For all the togetherness I so desire,
For all the despair in my heart,
Is there someone listening I wish,
Will there be light where darkness thrives.


Virtual Reality…

I see people around me everyday. The same faces at times and yet no sign of recognition. Perhaps its my face which doesnt seem familiar or is it my eagerness to make friends?

I miss those days when friends would meet, laugh, spend hours blissfully unaware of parents worry. Am i too old for all that or perhaps i belong to another era ;). 

A thought of what has been lost and what i miss…


I sit staring at the screen for a response,
Waiting for any random silly forward,
Desperation and eagerness overlap,
How real or virtual am I??

Conversation replaced by chat,
Remembering numbers a thing of the past,
A click and I see you waving from Mars,
How real or virtual am I??

Reminders set to alert birthdays, anniversaries,
Calendars missing from homes and offices,
Tap to see your best friend’s new hairdo,
How real or virtual am I??

Forgotten to buy a gift for a party today,
Shop online, gift wrapped, at your doorstep,
The courier guy a known face to you,
How real or virtual am I??

Movies, music, videos and lot more,
Effortless viewing from your favourite couch,
Search and a million options available,
How real or virtual am I??

Paperless is acceptable but is friendless too,
The contact , a hug online , a miss u look,
A boon or curse, a make believe world,
How real or virtual am I??