This place I call Home…

Its always difficult to leave the one place you feel at home in. For me my parents house has been the home i am attached to. I was born here, grew up here and now i visit as often as i can. All theses years of being away haven’t made it any easier for me to leave this place. I go back tomorrow and i wish i could really squeeze some more time out of this day.




Been so long since i got married,
Leaving the home i was born in,
It never really stops hurting,
The memories always bring tears.

My childhood of security and innocence,
Confined in these four walls lay hidden and safe,
The stories these boundaries can tell are innumerable,
The life i lived in my sweet home is a treasure.

Slogging during exams, relaxing in breaks,
Reading, writing, memorising all under this roof,
Tears of joy, moments of sadness, agonising days,
My home has seen it all and more.

I gaze at the ceiling and find,
My whole life replayed in parts,
Here i have lain weak and in pain,
This home has given me strength again.

Each time i come home is a celebration,
Of memories, of my existence, my life,
A sense of belonging i find nowhere else,
I am what this place has given me.

We remember people, occasions, incidents,
Laugh at jokes, cry at movies, enjoy with friends,
I sit here in this place alone staring into space,
This place where i will always belong.

Once again i have to leave my treasure,
Unguarded yet safe and awaiting my return,
My eyes well up with memories and moments,
I will be back soon to cherish my life again.


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