Many of us may feel awkward in crowded places. Its like you don’ t belong or perhaps you feel out of place. You try your best to fit in, to enjoy but try as you might you just can’t. I belong to this category of people and it gets difficult at times. I feel sad and left out but just try to shrug it off as a bad moment. Its easy for people to advise especially when they have no clue about what you are going through. I prefer to smile and pity such fools. Some of us aren’t crowd friendly so just accept it 😉


In a crowd i feel alone,
A feeling i don’t belong,
People talking, laughing ,
I sit quietly observing all.

Music playing through speakers,
I want to get up and dance to the beats,
I may end up being laughed at or rebuked,
Or perhaps applauded and cheered on.

I see colour everywhere my eyes wander,
Reds, blues, greens a dash of golden too,
Women decked up, drawing attention,
Admiring glances thrown their way.

Children run about free from restraint,
Parents take a break from discipline,
Oblivious to all the happenings ,
In a world of their own creation.

In the midst of all this chaos,
Here i am still feeling aloof,
Inspite of interesting goings on,
An invisible entity, a silent spectator.



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