Head over Feet

I have always shared what comes from within. It may not always be a part of my life. It is just what i feel or observe. I have been open as this is where i can be



Image Courtesy : Google

He walked into my life one day,
A simple guy with a crazy mind,
His thoughts expressed through music,
His ideas unique and out of this world.

A strange bond of talkative vs silence,
A mixture of madness and ecstasy,
Funny how two people can unite,
Despite differences and distance.

The secrets we shared were wicked,
The wishes we had unimaginable,
Our thoughts let loose from deep within,
Like prisoners set free from bondage.

As i revelled in the glory of this bond,
Reality hit me right where it hurt most,
Perfect relationships are a fiction not true,
Mirrors can break and shatter into pieces.

I pick up the pieces and join them,
And see myself in each piece,
Life isn’t so fragile or beyond repair,
It gives you a million reasons to survive.

Survive I shall for I have this one life,
To live, to enjoy, to learn, to rejoice,
I embrace this gift and move forward,
The present welcoming me with open arms.


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