We all desire a perfect relationship. A soulmate, an understanding person with a sense of humour.All in all a person who is too good to be true. I found someone who accepts me for who i am, loves me inspite of my craziness, understands my moods, doesn’t judge me, gives me space and best of all reads my blog :). Need i ask for more guys????







You came home to see me,
My angry eyes warned you ,
I am not on display my dear,
Please stay away from me.

We spoke for the first time,
An interview I wasn’t nervous about,
You wished to know me better,
I warmed up to your sincerity.

Hours passed you had to leave,
I liked you I realised with surprise,
I was willing to carry forward,
It seemed the right thing to do.

Suddenly it all ended like a dream,
My imperfections highlighted and targeted,
He wasn’t at fault not was I to blame,
Just destiny playing spoilsport in glee.

We fought hard to change our fate,
A belief we are meant to be one ,
Luck smiled and blessed out union,
Our journey together finally began.


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  1. Deepika
    Sep 04, 2016 @ 12:15:05

    It was the other day I stumbled upon dis gem ud written ……tho still haven’t forgiven u for keeping this secret….Marvellous master , stupendous effort , keep going my friend.


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