A year ago it was just us, my husband and me. Life was simple but there was a void. I didn’t realise what was missing till I became pregnant. Then our lives changed. A friend once said ” your child will hold the steering wheel and you will have to go where he/she drives you”. It sounds weird but that’s the way it is! My baby girl is nearly 3 months old and we still have so much to learn. No school or college can teach you how to be a good parent. Sometimes nothing seems to be right and yet you hang in there. There are some lessons I have learnt/am leaning :

Patience : The more you have the better.

Hunger : There is no schedule and the moment she is hungry, she has to be fed. Delaying her feeding may result in cries which no one wants to hear!!

Sleep : There is no day/night and she sleeps after each meal. I still have to learn to follow her sleep routine myself😃.

Cry baby : She cries when hungry, when pooping or after, when she is sleepy ( she doesn’t want to sleep), when awake and at times I have yet to figure out why.

Baby talk : She makes sounds which are her way of conversing. It sounds foolish but it is fun to chat with her.

Smile : It is the reward you get for listening to her. It melts my heart and you feel you are doing just fine.

Even now it feels so amazing to have given birth. Now I feel complete.



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