My first grey hair…

Image Courtesy :×4264729/single_strand_of_gray_hair


Happened to look in the mirror today,
wish i hadn’t but can’t change that,
saw something shining on my head,
my first grey hair was smiling at me.

I separated it from other strands,
hoping perhaps my eyes have gone bad,
there it was clearly not an illusion,
nothing could deny this was reality.

Does it mean i am getting old faster,
or is it that i am counting days perhaps,
one hair can cause such gory thoughts,
one hair that ruled over my head today.

I prayed it would fall off like the other strands,
i wanted to pull it out and gloat over my win,
then a thought struck in this mean head of mine,
there are others where i came from it said.

Maybe i could hide it beneath my still black hair,
perhaps i could dye it and feel good for some time,
better i just leave it and let it fight for space,
black is still a majority and i felt relieved a bit.

Does the hair colour or lack of hair determine youth,
is that an important deterrent in making you look young,
for some time i did believe that was the case,
for awhile i did weep over my one little grey hair.

Hours after pondering on this new unpleasant realisation,
it was high time i came to a meaningful conclusion,
gray or black or no hair i don’t care any longer,
i shall age gracefully and with pride i said to myself.


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