Oasis or Mirage

I walked through the desert,
throat parched lips dry heat killing me
i saw something shining in the distance,
something flowing had i found an oasis?

Crawling on all fours i made my way painfully,
the sand pulling me in i have no strength to fight back,
the sun casting its powerful rays all over me,
i would surely perish here i thought.

I look out towards the horizon once more,
eyes searching for some sign of life where none exist,
my feet burning while scorpions stung me,
i am losing all sense as i make my way slowly.

There comes a camel rider so high and regal,
will he be my saviour in this scorching heat,
i wait in anticipation as he comes closer,
but alas what i saw was a trick not reality.

The oasis i saw was just a mirage,
an illusion meant to confuse and upset me,
conquering my disappointments and my protesting body,
i step forward once again in search of an Oasis.


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