This World i live in…

This is a world full of corruption,
all around i see chaos and greed,
no one to question the long expanding arms of destruction,
its vileness spreads boldly without obstruction.

Everything is for sale including oneself,
money speaks paving a way towards false pride,
the rich get richer and they seem unstoppable,
life never was so uncertain and unpredictable.

Need a job, a well connected relatives can help,
poor grades are no longer scorned upon,
father has enough clout to get me a seat,
education has no value and merit is no big deal.

Hard work and honesty no longer rewarded or appreciated,
please your superiors and gain favours effortlessly,
who cares about intelligence and originality,
duplication with sly modifications can do the trick.

Ambitions and goals were never so easily attainable,
sharp ears for gossip can gain more trust than work,
be the good guy who always smiles and talks sweet,
willingly become a donkey but one which doesn’t bray.

Cannot lick asses or tamper with accounts,
unable to cheat or tolerate dishonesty and misappropriation,
feel frustrated when the underserving are promoted,
Alas you donot belong here my good friend!!!


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