My very own “Serial Queen”…

We all have our weaknesses.Some of us love eating,some enjoy gossiping 😉 , the more polished perhaps try to imitate thier more sophisticated friends.Then there are those who claim to be away from all such vices but pride themselves in the fact that they are different.Aren’t we all different in some way or the other??

One such person doesn’t believe so much in gossip unless it is pertaining to someone in the film world or the television series universe.Imagine keeping tag of screen names,real names,family details,affairs and what not.I find it quite extraordinary and commendable though not exactly worth being proud of. Remembering so much is a real task especially since there are so many actors these days that i have lost count long back.The person i am referring to is none other than my very own ma-in-law 🙂 . Someone whom i have been observing since the day i got married. A day hasn’t gone by when i haven’t seen her glued to the television screen.It is an addiction to such an extent that it dominates her entire schedule.From household chores to eating to anything else,all of it is adjusted according to the programme timings.Each series has its own sick drama and unheard of antics.Most of them have been running since the last 3-4 years!! I wonder how people have so much patience to set everything aside and devote their time to this idiot box!!!

Its 7 am and the day is just begun,
alarms are ringing and birds chirping,
here the television is on and fully awake,
regaling someone half asleep yet so keen.

In between there are some advertisements,
time to make tea and breakfast too,
adjusting it all and not missing anything,
running between rooms and making record time.

Changing channels every half hour to catch some more,
remembering what shows when without skipping a beat,
drama in all households with some evil characters,
impossible feats being performed with the ease of a natural.

Makeup,gaudy clothes,dyed hair and so on,
young look old and old try hiding their age,
deaths and births and on public demand rebirth,
all the unthinkable occurs here each day.

I sit wondering when it all will end,
looking at the clock hoping time would run,
no patience to even watch for a few seconds,
cursing all those responsible who cause this sick addiction.




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