Mother I Thank Thee…

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She gave birth to me and here i stand,
her gentle touch always fresh in mind,
she taught me to walk as i took my first steps,
looking at me with tears of joy as i walked ahead.

Dressing me up for my first day at nursery,
wiping my tears consoling me i will be fine,
she stood watching as i walked inside hesitantly,
i looked back and was reassured to see her smile.

Tiffin neatly packed and kept in my school bag,
goodies which i loved she cooked daily for me,
schoolmates waited to pounce on my lunch box,
her food was always the best of the lot.

She waited by the window as i came back home,
listening patiently to my chatter about the day,
helping me with homework and letting me play too,
never has she raised a hand in anger or protest.

Always supportive throughout my whole life,
waking early to help me study for my exams,
though i never realised then how much it helped,
i know now how tough it was for you to be strict.

I am a woman now and yet i turn to you for guidance,
never have i hesitated in coming to you with my problems,
may all have a mother like i have i always pray,
i am still a small child in my dear mother’s loving eyes…


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