A Spirit that once was me…



I feel myself floating above the ground,
weightless and light like a feather,
i have no wings nor a parachute,
no wind blowing, the night so still.

Parallel to the ground high above,
i look down and see myself lying,
eyes closed, lips sealed, hair spread,
no movement, no heartbeat, no sound.

I think back and try to recollect,
what happened and why am i this way,
why am i not breathing and no one around,
covered in white so calm and at peace.

I struggle to move closer as i watch myself,
not believing that is me i am looking at,
watching my own body lose its life,
i long for a chance to be alive.

People i love weep silent tears that hurt me,
i cannot bear to see my own self die,
held close in the arms of my beloved one,
i feel the warmth seep in and yet not respond.

Goodbye everyone i guess i have to leave,
leaving behind memories sweet and to be cherished,
i have lived my life fully and have no regrets,
i embrace death gracefully and walk into its arms silently.


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