I Learnt…

  1. you may do good things in life but one bad thing you do will undo all the good things you have done.
  2. you may love someone wholeheartedly but you still end up losing him/her,that’s life’s irony.
  3. the best way to be happy is to remain detached from all those you care about.Then there would be no pain if they ever go away.
  4. you lose more than you gain yet each small gain makes you proud and inspires you to carry on trying.
  5. you have to fight your own battles,struggle to achieve,fall and pick yourself up.There maybe someone to support you but still you stand alone.
  6. none of us are saints and we are all here to survive.So,first think about how you can do good within before trying to clean the mess outside.
  7. not all days are good and exciting.You must find ways to pep up your spirit so that your day moves smoothly.
  8. you may not wake up to see the sun rise tomorrow.Live today like it is your last day on this planet.
  9. you may have many friends and it is always a pleasure to have them around.But sometimes when you need someone you still may find no one to stand by you.Don’t fret just smile and face whatever comes your way.
  10. advice is always given without being asked.No one can understand what you are going through and no one really cares.
  11. never believe completely in anyone except yourself.
  12. when faced with a challenge remind yourself to Hope for the best and Prepare for the worst.
  13. money makes people’s attitude change.Don’t let it come in the way of your relationships or you stand to lose people who really matter.
  14. find someone who understands you and share even your deepest secrets and fears.You may find yourself relieved and content.
  15. Last of all Don’t lie unless you have no choice.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kirby Loveday
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 09:56:20

    usefull information, thanks. hope you make some more posts soon.


  2. is she cheating
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 11:02:30

    sweet work, love your design, suits the blog well 🙂


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