Beyond Repair

Sometimes i feel bound against my will,
shackled to something that holds me tight,
the knots bite into my skin and leave marks,
the pain so excruciating i want to cry out loud.

The screams caught in my throat make a silent appeal,
let us free now they say so we can raise our voice,
the raw hands bleed as i try to resist and break free,
the clanging of the chain sounds so unpleasant and sad.

I hear a voice calling out to me from the shadows,
i try to reach out but no sound comes out and i despair,
clinging on to some hope i feel deep down inside of me,
i long to be free and not caught in this treachery.

The shadows lengthen but the voice i hear no more,
still waiting patiently i wish for some respite from sorrow,
how did i come here and why am i captured makes me wonder,
i search the walls and try to get some answers.

I remember flying high as high as my wings carry me,
never touching the ground i keep taking flight in the sky,
now my wings are clipped and i can fly no more,
i have lost my identity and it is not coming back.


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