Choice to be made…

I had a choice to make one day,
a choice that changed my life,
one would make me so very happy,
the other would bring me joy.

I had time before i took my decision,
each thought made me more confused,
friends couldn’t help nor could my family,
what was i to do i knew not unfortunately.

I thought of running away where none knew me,
all by myself i perhaps could begin a new life,
parents and friends would be shattered,
i had to choose some day soon i realised.

I went on a holiday in search of answers,
maybe i would think clearly away from all,
soothed by the sound of the river flowing by,
i let my mind wander over options i had.

Finally i decided and i was so relieved,
no more thinking i had enough of that i feel,
come what may i woud handle the situation,
what happens is always for the best i surmised.


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    Dec 10, 2011 @ 17:26:07

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