The sun,the moon and us…


I looked in your eyes and saw my reflection,
there was love and affection and so much more,
you took me in your arms and i was lost in your embrace,
your heatbeat i could hear and it was so comforting,

Along the seashore we walked with hands held,
the sand pulling us in as we tried moving forward,
the waves beckoned us as they caressed our legs,
washing away whatever was stuck to our bare feet.

The setting sun cast its reflection in the water,
its beautiful rays glittering across the sea,
preparing to slowly descend as darkness set in,
splattering the sky with pink and orange shades.

We stood watching the sunset and the colours of dusk,
amazed at the beauty of nature which we seem to ignore,
the beach was deserted and we were all by ourselves,
taking in the melody of the waves as they hit the shore.

The stars made an entry as the moon lit the dark sky,
moonlight guided us on our path making us feel secure,
it was time to go home and we wanted so much to remain,
reassured by the thought that we may come again soon.


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    Dec 06, 2011 @ 21:40:15

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